Being an ancestor soul

Baba says, ‘The form of alokik sustenance is to fill souls with all the powers you have received from the Father.’

The Father is the Seed of the human world tree and I, the Brahmin soul, the direct creation of God, am the foundation or the roots of this tree at this time. As a worship-worthy soul, I then am also the trunk, that is, the main support of this tree and therefore I am the ancestor of all souls. Do I have this awareness when I meet other souls? Do I remain aware that I am the ancestor, the main support, the foundation of the branches and twigs of the tree? Only when I maintain this elevated awareness will I then easily become an embodiment of power.

When the trunk, the main support is weak, then the whole tree becomes weak. When the trunk is powerful, the whole tree is powerful. Along with being related to the Seed, every leaf of the tree is also connected with the trunk. It is only through the trunk that the seed’s power can reach the branches and twigs. The main hope or desire that the whole of the creation has today, Baba says, is to be able to live in happiness and comfort, if only for a few moments. Even though they have the wealth and facilities for happiness and comfort, they are restless; that is, they are peaceless. They are therefore searching for a path to this rest. They have tried the path of religion, they have tried science, they have tried going to the government and yet all these temporary paths have failed them. Everyone is gradually returning from all these paths, saying, ‘This is not the one! this is not the one!’. They have realized that the true path is elsewhere.

At such a time, Baba teaches, it is the duty of the ancestor souls to become a flame of light and show the path to those souls. I have to become an immortal light and bring those souls out of the darkness to the right destination. Do I have the awareness of this responsibility? Do I realize that due to being the trunk, anything I do in front of the whole of creation reaches the whole creation? My attitude has the power to transform the atmosphere of the world. My vision will remind the whole of creation of brotherhood. All this will happen to the extent that I remain in the awareness of who I am – the ancestor soul, the trunk. And then the connection I have with the Seed, that is, the awareness I have of the Father will remind the whole of the creation that their Father has come. My elevated deeds will awaken the pure desire in the creation that they should also perform elevated actions, that is, build their character.

Everyone is searching for you ancestors‘, points out Baba. ‘Now become such embodiments of unlimited awareness that all of your limited things will automatically come to an end.’

Even when it comes to the inverted tree in the soul world, the trunk is seen to be at the top with the Seed. I am the trunk who, along with the Trimurti, has a direct and close relationship with the Seed and the two main leaves. Therefore, points out Baba, this stage too is so elevated! If I were to simply remain stable in this elevated stage, I would experience limited matters to be exactly that- careless things of childhood that I ought to let go. ‘Come into the stage of unlimited maturity and you will become a constant embodiment of all experiences’, teaches Baba. That will come when I remain constantly aware of my occupation as an unlimited ancestor; when I remain constantly aware of how much of the task still remains.

To do workshops and seminars, to hold conferences, to give lectures – even people in the world do this. But what’s missing in them is subtle power. That subtle power is what I, as an ancestor soul, have. It is my uniqueness and it is also what souls need. It is easy to get caught up in the physical aspect of the workshop or the lecture- on the content, on the delivery, on the decoration of the venue, the lighting, etc. but that’s common. It might create a good outward impression but it won’t touch hearts and certainly won’t change lives. ‘The creation‘, Baba says, ‘wants something new from you souls. Everyone has the power of words and the power of physical facilities but what they lack is the power of elevated thought, the power of a pure attitude, the vision of love and co-operation. No one has any of those.

This is the power that souls need from their ancestor souls. This power will bring them the happiness and rest that they are looking for in their lives. ‘Therefore, O ancestor souls, ignite in your creation the lamps of hope for this attainment and bring them to the right destination.’, says Baba. What would you achieve, He asks, if you did the same things others do? You are those who belong to God! You are unique! At present, you drop bombs of words. Now, He says, drop bombs of the experience of attainment with which their lives would be instantly transformed. And the people that need this power, this attainment of happiness and rest are not at the center or attending a workshop, they are at my workplace, they are sitting next to me in the bus, they run into me at the grocery store, study with me at school. When they behave clumsily, do I give them the donation of the power of a non-judgmental attitude and vision? when they get angry about something, do I give them the co-operation of the power of tolerance? when someone that betrayed me at work is having a bad day, do I walk over and ask them how I can help? Because that is power that can transform them. To feel happy inside that they are having a bad day and to say: ‘serves them right’, is not power; that’s ordinary. When the new clerk at the store is slow at the register, can I give them the donation of patience? These behaviors, my face and my vision are what changes lives, not a lecture. There, Baba says, the arrow will only strike their head. Here, it will strike their heart and transform them.

So far, people in the world look at the Brahma Kumaris and say: ‘the work you do is also very good. This too is a good path.’ But, says Baba, the sound that should emerge from their hearts is not that this too is a good path but that it is the only path. There are many in the world who make a bargain with words, He points out, but only a handful out of multimillions make a bargain with their hearts. ‘You are the children of the Conqueror of Hearts. You make a bargain with your heart. So now, spin such a powerful discus of service‘, He says, ‘that all souls recognize their ancestors and claim a right to their attainment. Instead of just enabling them to hear something good, let them experience receiving something. Instead of, ‘they say good things’, let it be, ‘they make you very good.’ So now‘, says Baba, ‘become an embodiment of all attainments yourself and enable souls to claim their attainment.’ When I sing the song: ‘Having attained the Father, I have attained everything’, then others will also sing the song: ‘I have attained everything’. When I am full, I can give to others and fulfill their desires as well. With the method of using less expense, less energy and less time, Baba says, now, become embodiments of success.

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