The garland around the Father’s neck

Baba says, ‘You know that Baba is now making you the garland around His neck.’

God Himself comes at this most auspicious confluence age and adopts souls. He makes me belong to Him. When I belong to God, I forget the whole world including this body because this world is not worth living in. It is very dirty and has lots of problems. There is nothing elevated in it, everything is either wasteful, negative or just simply mundane. There is no happiness here and so the soul cries out to be reunited with the Father: ‘O Baba, I will now renounce this body and all bodily relations and become threaded in the garland around Your neck.’ That is, I have come to belong to You while alive. When I belong to the Father, He shows me the path to liberation and liberation-in-life. To attain it, I have to walk on this path, that is, follow His directions. I need a body to make this effort; a soul by itself cannot make effort. This is why, I die while alive from the old world to become threaded in the Father’s garland.

To die alive, I need the faith that I am a soul and that I belong to the Father. Then, my heart is removed from the old world and old bodies because I know that given I belong to the Father, I will definitely receive my inheritance of the new world from Him. Until I have this faith, I cannot become a Brahmin.

Only the incorporeal Father is called Baba. He comes as my Father, Teacher and Satguru. As the Father, He gives me the inheritance of the kingdom of the world. In the form of the Teacher, He gives me the knowledge of Brahmand and the beginning, middle and end of the whole world. In the form of the Satguru, He will take me back with Him to the land of liberation and then send me into liberation-in-life. Only He is the true Guru, everyone else is false because they don’t take anyone back with them. They don’t know the path themselves; if they did, they’d be in liberation themselves! As the Father, Teacher and Satguru, He becomes the Purifier and purifies souls of all their impurity of half a cycle. The gurus of the world call the Father omnipresent and so who would give them or those who follow them the inheritance? Whom would they even call God?

I, on the other hand, belong to the incorporeal Father, Shiv Baba. When I truly belong, my body consciousness is broken and I am able to follow the Father’s directions. When I, the soul, leave my body, that is, when I die, the whole world is dead to me. There are then no relations whatsoever. Until I enter my mother’s womb, there is no world for me; I am completely separate from the world. The Father now says: ‘Children, forget everything while alive and belong to Me. I will take you back with Me.’ This is being threaded in the garland around the Father’s neck. When I have faith in the Teacher, I have faith in what He is teaching me. He has revealed to me the secrets of the cycle of time based on which I now know that this old world is now to end. I am now to become a deity. Deities don’t come into the impure world, they need a new world. I need to get busy becoming the deity such that I can help the Father usher in the new world.

At this time, Brahmins are therefore effort-makers. A rosary of effort-makers cannot be created because my stage is not constant or stable yet- I climb and fall. I first become the garland of Baba and then the garland of Vishnu. That is, I first have to belong to the Father and receive from Him the inheritance before I can come into land of Vishnu. This is why I say: ‘Baba, I belong to You while I am alive so that I can make effort and claim my full inheritance from You.’ In the world, human-beings adopt human-beings. Here, incorporeal Shiv Baba adopts incorporeal souls. Through Brahma, He says: ‘O souls, you belong to Me.’ He doesn’t say: ‘you corporeal beings or you human-beings belong to Me.’ In the world, they see bodies when they adopt. But what would a brother receive when adopted by a brother? Here, the Father adopts souls to give them their inheritance. He says: ‘Renounce the consciousness of your bodies and belong to Me and I will take you back with Me to the incorporeal world.‘ When I study well, I am able to follow His directions.

I am now studying Raja Yoga from the Supreme Teacher Himself. When I become body conscious and indulge in the vices, I am unable to have yoga and therefore unable to claim my inheritance. And I don’t just claim a single inheritance but I receive a combined inheritance from the Father, Teacher and Satguru! The Satguru will take all the souls back with Him anyway but I will become the garland around His neck. The Bridegroom will take all the brides back. First, the Bridegroom will go and then those who become part of the sun and moon dynasties will follow. Then the procession of the other religions will follow. Every soul has to go and sit in their own sections. Where will I sit? When I imbibe these aspects well, I will pay attention to the study- I want to go with Baba, not follow in the procession behind. And I want be close to Baba in the sweet home, not away. I want to be so close, I want to be the garland around His neck.

There are many who think: ‘Of course, I belong to Baba anyway..’ but no!, says Baba. To belong means to die alive from the old ways, it means to become the child and follow the Father’s Shrimat. It means I have to put every direction into practice. I have to have this aspect firmly in my intellect that I am now racing the spiritual race of yoga in order to become the garland around Shiv Baba’s neck. I will then become the garland around Vishnu’s neck. I now belong to the Brahmin clan; I am studying to become a deity. This is the only time in the whole cycle where I ascend; every other time, I descend. The stage of descent takes me a whole cycle whereas I ascend in a second. Baba gives me liberation-in-life in a second. All I have to do is remember! Baba says, ‘while living at home with your families, make effort for the future. Fulfil your responsibilities to both your worldly and divine families. Continue to give everyone the message. It is said: ‘Charity begins at home.’

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