Imbibe the virtues of honesty and purity

Baba says, ‘Imbibe the virtues of honesty and purity and you will continue to receive success in the service you do.’

An honest soul, Baba teaches, means a soul who is honest in following shrimat in every action. There isn’t any mixture. In the iron-aged world of today, people mix water in milk, or add a variety of artificial colors and flavors to food. In the same way to mix dictates of my own mind or those of others into the shrimat given by the Father is to be dishonest. To follow only shrimat accurately as it is, without any mixture, is to be both honest and faithful. When I am honest, there is no question or doubt or hesitation; I just automatically take every step according to the signals of shrimat. Its like how electrical items work automatically as soon as the switch is turned on; there is no pause…it just simply starts to function automatically. Same with honest souls, says Baba. As soon as I took Brahmin birth, BapDada gave me the gift of a divine intellect filled with shrimat. And so an honest soul just simply functions according to the signals of shrimat – there’s no thinking or questioning or analysis; simply plug and play.

So the first sign of being honest, Baba explains, is to follow shrimat accurately at every step, at every second. Everyone moves based on shrimat but numberwise, points out Baba. When I am an honest soul, I easily and naturally move at a fast speed because I constantly and clearly have shrimat in my intellect and therefore I am powerful. I don’t have to think: ‘Is this shrimat or not? is this right or wrong?’ because there are no options to choose from; there is only one shrimat and it is very clear. When there is mixture- when I start to analyze and think: ‘but wouldn’t it be better if I did it like this…’, ‘but why would Baba ask me to leave such a great opportunity!? surely, this can’t be right…’ etc. that’s when I have uncertainty about what to do. Then, I think a lot, get tired, and as a result come down from my fast speed to a mediocre speed. ‘You wander away from the straight and clear path onto a crooked path’, points out Baba. As a result, I then have to turn back. The path to the destination is a direct, clear path that the Father shows me but when I mix my own dictates, I make that which is straight, crooked. As a result, I lose many seconds, I lose a lot of breath, I lose all my powers and this is why I become disheartened. ‘So don’t just become happy that you are moving along anyway’, says Baba, ‘but check both your way of moving as well as your speed.’

Another sign of an honest soul, Baba teaches, is that they will never waste any of the treasures. This is not just about physical wealth or treasures but also about other treasures. If I am honest, I will not waste the treasures of the confluence age for even a second, because each second of the confluence age is greater than a year. To take the crooked path and lose even a second is to lose the time in which to earn an income worth multimillions, says Baba. It is time in which I could remember the Father, experience His love, celebrate a meeting with Him, churn a point of knowledge…and as a result, experience supersensuous joy.

Similarly, I will not waste the treasure of thoughts, the treasure of the wealth of knowledge, the treasure of all the powers and all the virtues. To have the treasure but to not use it for the self and for others, is to waste it. ‘If the Bestower gives, but those who are to receive don’t imbibe it, then that would be wasteful’, says Baba. Those who are honest, Baba explains, wouldn’t simply keep aside the wealth they attain, they would increase the treasures. The way to increase something is to use it for a task. If I don’t use the wealth of knowledge in my interactions with other souls, or in situations that come my way, then my knowledge of how to use the points of knowledge has not been developed; I consequently haven’t developed any confidence or my power. Then, to have the knowledge is the same as to not have it.

Even in the world, an honest manager or director is one who shows profit and a progress in any task. To simply sit on the resources one has is to waste them.‘, says Baba. ‘So check‘, He says: ‘are you those who make a profit by using the treasures of thoughts, powers and virtues for a task, or are you those that waste them?

To waste any object, any physical wealth, to have wasteful thoughts in the mind, to perform wasteful actions through the body, to waste time through the body- are all counted as waste, teaches Baba. You have said, ‘Everything is Yours’ including the body, mind, and wealth, He reminds me. No matter where you live, He points out, whether at a center or in a household, everyone’s mind, body and wealth belong to the Father. Everything has been given to you in trust by the Father to look after. Honesty means to never misuse anything given in trust. To waste is to misuse. Sometimes, I get careless and think: ‘It was just a half an hour’ or ‘I didn’t do it on purpose, it just happened.’. Just to let something happen is carelessness. To forget the value of every second of this confluence age and reduce it to something ordinary is carelessness. Whether it is carelessness of the intellect thinking wrong things or of labor through the body on wrong actions, both types of carelessness create a waste. ‘So pay attention and don’t waste anything‘, teaches Baba. ‘Rather, let there be tenfold increase by using the mind, body and wealth in a worthwhile way.’ This is honesty.

A soul who is honest automatically experiences the love of the Father and the family. Such a soul experiences trust from seniors, juniors and those who are equal, explains Baba. Sometimes, I deceive myself by thinking: ‘I am good but they don’t trust me’. Then I proceed to give long explanations and many reasons etc. However, says Baba, there has to be honesty in both the heart and the head – I cannot be sweet and good outside but something else inside. This is complete honesty or purity. When there is this, then, Baba says, even if there is a lack of trust today, there will be trust tomorrow. The saying is: ‘the boat of truth may rock but it will never sink.’ With the courage of truth, I can become worthy of trust.

So now‘, says Baba, ‘become honest and pure like Mama. Because of her honesty and purity, when she explained the knowledge to anyone, the arrow would strike the target.‘ The Father says: ‘Now imbibe virtues like Mama. Continue to remove defects. The duty of worthy children is to understand everything. At first, you were senseless and Baba is now making you sensible.’ 

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