16 celestial degrees full

Baba says, ‘You definitely have to become those that are 16 celestial degrees full.’

16 celestial degrees signifies the complete stage. When I see a specialty in someone, I say: ‘she has such a great talent (kala)’. Maybe someone has the talent of making those who are crying, laugh. Some others have the art of magic and yet others have the talent of a miraculous intellect. So 16 celestial degrees means that whatever actions they perform, they become a work of art (kala). Sometimes people go to see the talents of others with so much interest. They say: ‘You have to see so-and-so do such-and-such, one cannot describe in words how good it is! It’s really such a great talent…’ In the same way, the activity of souls who have attained the complete stage is seen as a talent and it also becomes a divine activity.

This is what people felt when they saw Brahma Baba. His way of moving and speaking, sitting, seeing and walking- there was a uniqueness, a royalty, a specialty in everything he did, however ordinary the activity might have been. So 16 celestial degrees means that every activity is visible as a perfect talent, there would be a specialty in it, explains Baba. ‘So check‘, He says, ‘do you have the art of seeing everything? In your words, is there the art of speaking?’

Sometimes, it is said: ‘the talents of so-and-so have completely finished.’ This means that the power of attracting or the specialty in my action has finished. When a con artist performs, for that length of time, his every action is seen as an art. How he moves, how he picks up everything is noted by everyone as an art. So this confluence age, Baba explains, is for especially demonstrating the art of performing actions. ‘Always experience yourself to be on a stage‘, He says. The virtues of those whose every action is seen as an art are remembered. In other words, this is known as every act being a divine activity. Seeing this form of art, Baba explains, others are also inspired; their actions too become serviceable. In the world, when someone has an art, that becomes a means for their earning an income. In the same way, the actions of those who perform every action as an art become a way of their earning a limitless income and it attracts others, teaches Baba. If every act is performed as an art, they become like a magnet. Nowadays, many people, whilst moving along a road, show one or other of their talents and everyone gathers around. If those limited talents can attract crowds, can such an elevated talent not attract souls?, asks Baba. ‘Check yourself‘, He says, ‘to this extent‘.

Everyone pays a lot of attention to the every act of elevated souls because their every act is an art. This is why their art of every act is worshipped in the temples. In the big temples, there will be different viewings of their way of sitting, their way of sleeping, their way of eating and bathing. This is because they performed every act as an art and their memorial therefore continues. It was this way with Brahma Baba. Even those who lived with Baba for many years, had seen Baba, knew Baba, still never lost interest in observing Baba again and again. They did not wish to miss even one of Baba’s actions. When a magician shows his talents, there is the feeling that even if I miss one thing, I have missed a lot, because his every act is an art. In the same way, when it came to Brahma Baba, the children even wished to see how Baba slept! There was an art is even Baba’s sleeping! This, Baba explains, is known as being 16 celestial degrees complete.

16 celestial degrees complete also refers to being full, that is, content. Anything that is full cannot shake. There is shaking when there is something lacking. So, this upheaval of wasteful thoughts or of Maya takes place when there is a feeling of lack or emptiness inside, explains Baba. When the moon is 16 celestial degrees full, it attracts everyone towards itself even against their conscious wish. When anything is full and complete, it automatically attracts towards itself. ‘Currently, you are not able to attract all the souls of the world because of the lack of perfection’, explains Baba. ‘To the extent that you have weaknesses within yourself, you are not able to attract other souls towards yourself.’ When the degrees of the moon have decreased, no one’s attention goes to it. When it becomes full, then even if someone isn’t deliberately looking, it is still visible. In other words, in perfection, there is power to influence. ‘So‘, explains Baba, ‘in order to be influential, you have to be complete.

So keep this aim‘, teaches Baba. When I keep the aim, then I will make effort to match the aim with the qualifications.

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