Self-sovereignty is my birthright

Baba says, ‘All of you children are the children who are to become kings because self-sovereignty is your birth right. No one can snatch away this birth right from you.’

The children of the Creator of the world are automatically self-sovereigns. ‘Self-sovereignty has been the birthright of all of you not once, but many times over’, the Father reminds me. But do I remember my rights that I have attained many times over? I have attained the kingdom of the world many times through self-sovereignty. Do I remember this? My own Father, the only One who knows me truly, is telling me that I have been a double sovereign many times over. Do I believe Him when He says this?

Self-sovereignty makes me into a Raja Yogi who has a right to the kingdom for all time. Self-sovereignty makes me into one with the third eye, a knower of the three aspects of time and knowledgeable about the three worlds. Self-sovereignty makes me into a soul who is one of the souls selected out of millions of souls and a special soul among those selected few. Self-sovereignty makes me into a garland around the Father’s neck. It makes me part of the rosary of which devotees turn the beads. Self-sovereignty seats me on the Father’s heart-throne. It makes me into a master of all attainments. It makes me firm, unshakeable and constant, and enables me to attain all rights.

To claim that which is my birthright, is the effort of the present time. I am now imbibing the sanskars for the fortune of the kingdom. In the future, there is no opportunity to make effort, there is just the reward. The size and form of that reward depends on the size and form of my effort at this time. ‘So check‘, stresses Baba, ‘if your effort at the present time is accurate.’

In the future, there will be one kingdom; so, check now’, He says, ‘whether you have one kingdom in your mind’. Does Maya create obstacles in my kingdom? Are there people, possessions, or sanskars that pull me towards them? It doesn’t matter if I am impressed by people or if I have dislike for them, either way, I am subservient to them and my thoughts and decisions will be influenced by them. If I am dependent on possessions or just simply attracted to them, I am being subservient. If there is a sanskar that overwhelms me either in myself or in others, I am subservient. And so, in my mind, there isn’t one but instead two kingdoms. This, Baba says, is not accurate effort. The specialty of the future is of one kingdom and it is the practice of the present time that continues in the future. ‘So check‘, says Baba, ‘does Maya interfere in your self-sovereignty?’

Similarly, another specialty of the future kingdom is that there is only one religion – complete purity. So check, says Baba, whether there is only one religion. Or does the other religion of impurity still interfere in between? As well as this, also check, says Baba, that the law and order is of one. Or does Maya interfere in between in the form of dictates of the mind or those of others? Yet another specialty of the future kingdom is that there is happiness and peace constantly and naturally. So check, says Baba, do you have constant peace and happiness in your kingdom. Or is Maya interfering in my self-sovereignty and spreading peacelessness? Does she come in the form of worry, distress, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness? Does she create any subservience for any salvation or praise to break my sovereignty? Or do I constantly experience happiness, peace, bliss, love and supersensuous joy?

I know that in the future kingdom, I have all attainments and perfection and that, because of this, there is also contentment. So, asks Baba, are you now complete with self-sovereignty or is there something lacking? If there is something lacking in the effort made at the present time, then how would you claim a right to the future constant and unbroken kingdom? Everything depends on the effort of the present time. So let the checking be constant, He teaches, because if you become careless now, you will lose the right to the perfect kingdom. For example, to say: ‘I will do it…, it will happen…, it should happen..’ will weaken my effort and I will not be able to claim a right to the constant and unbroken kingdom.

If any obstacle comes, that is, if any storm comes, then, Baba teaches, that storm (toofan) should not remain a storm but it should become a gift (tohfa). When Maya wages a war, she is in fact, giving me an experience, a valuable lesson I need to move forward in my journey. For this, BapDada says: ‘Constantly check your own chart.‘ To the extent that I check my chart, accordingly I will then change myself after checking. ‘So, do you check your own chart?’, asks Baba. ‘Check your chart every day and change it.’

For half a cycle, I was in the deep sleep of ignorance and therefore, carelessness. And so Maya stole my inheritance and made me bankrupt. Now, I have been made fully aware by the Father of ‘Who am I?’, of ‘Whose am I?’ and of the time. It is now the time to reclaim that which I have lost by remaining aware of who I am and Whose I am. Who I am is not just ‘a soul’ but in fact, the rosary of the title ‘Who am I?’ is so long that if I were to simply remember this and turn each bead, there would be so much happiness. ‘Become aware of your own rosary and you will experience so much intoxication’, says Baba. Let me remain aware and thereby claim my double sovereignty. Let me not allow Maya to steal the key to my authority again. In fact, says Baba, there is no other authority in front of the constantly ignited light of the Almighty Authority. No authority can shake you even in your dreams. You are such sovereigns who have a right to the kingdom.

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