Be carefree

Baba says, ‘People of the world worry at every step whereas you children think of God with every thought and so you are carefree.’

Throughout the cycle, there have been many emperors but it is only at this time, during this auspicious confluence age, that there are carefree emperors. This is greatest form of sovereignty, even greater than the sovereignty of the golden age because there, no one knows of the difference between worry (fikar) and intoxication (fakhoor). They are ignorant of even the word ‘worry’! But now, the world is worried about one thing or another, it is a world of worry! From the moment people wake up, they have some worry or another about themselves, their family, their business, their friends and relatives etc., whereas those who have died alive from that world and made themselves belong to the Father experience themselves to be carefree emperors.

I begin the day with the Father at amrit vela, I perform all my tasks through the day with the Father, and I end the day with the Father. So I am a carefree emperor right from the start to the finish; I have a peaceful and blissful life- at least, that’s how it should be! It won’t be that way though if I too, like the people of the world, have worries. I have worries when I think of something as ‘my’ responsibility. I lived for half a cycle under the burden of responsibilities; now, the Father is here and He has offered to shoulder all responsibilities. Have I given them to Him? or do I still insist on carrying them myself? ‘The responsibility is the Father’s and I am just the instrument server. I am an instrument karma yogi. The Father is Karankaravanhaar and I am the instrument doing it’. If I have this natural awareness at every moment, I am then a constantly carefree emperor. But if I, even by mistake, take upon myself the burden of any waste- ‘why, what when’-, then, instead of a crown, many baskets of worries come on my head. Else, I am a carefree emperor and constantly wearing a crown of light. ‘There is just the Father and I- there is no one else.’- this experience easily makes me into a carefree emperor. He has come especially to relieve me of the burdens of many births and make me light. So why would I not give Him all my burdens- all of the ‘I and mine’ and become light?

I am not someone’s father, mother, uncle, aunt, boss, etc. etc., I am a child of God. And children don’t have responsibilities, they simply trust their parents and follow their footsteps. They believe it to be their birthright to be carefree and to be taken care of! So why is that hard for me to do? It shouldn’t be, but it is, because I repeatedly forget that I am the child. I repeatedly slip into body consciousness and become the householder – think of I as all the multitude of roles and relationships and a whole bunch of people, possessions and accomplishments as mine. Indeed, its easy to get lost in the expansion of body consciousness. When all that I consider myself to be is going well and when all that I consider mine is doing okay, I am okay and happy; when things are not so good in any one of these many areas, I too am not doing so good. Baba says, ‘a child cannot have a household; it is, by definition, carefree.’

Yes, I have to shoulder the roles and responsibilities but, as the instrument or the child. I take shrimat from Baba at every step and simply follow. When I do this, I don’t feel the burden of the responsibility. I remain double-light; I find things happen easily and effortlessly. Karavanhar is enabling everything to happen and I am simply the instrument carrying it out. I easily receive everyone’s co-operation and things become successful. It’s like magic! People of the world just see it and are wonder-struck! They worry at every step whereas I, am carefree, because I have the remembrance of the Supreme in every thought. I have faith that He is in-charge of my life and so I am carefree. In fact, the strength of my faith is tested by how carefree I am. If I am worried about anything, then that’s not a sign of unshakeable faith. Being constantly carefree, is.

Because the Father is in-charge, everything that is happening is good and will continue to be good- this is my attitude, this is my faith. I don’t have any worry about ‘how’ or ‘when’ something will happen. Sure, I might think about how to increase service at the center, make plans for the kids, schedule things at work etc. To ‘think’ about something is different from ‘worrying’ about it. There can never be any success through worrying, points out Baba. The One enabling me to move is making me move, the One enabling everything to happen is making it happen. Therefore, everything will happen easily. I simply have to be the instrument and use my thoughts, body, mind and wealth in a worthwhile way. ‘This‘, Baba explains, ‘is the stage of being carefree and free from worry.’

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