To be an instrument, surrender your mind and intellect

Baba says, ‘In order to be a humble instrument, surrender your mind and intellect to God.’

This Brahmin birth is the birth of dying alive. To die alive is to surrender the consciousness of ‘I and mine’, that is, to surrender the dictates of my own mind about who I think I am and what/who I consider mine and simply follow shrimat. To die alive is to become the child again- the child of God Who adopts me and makes me His child, practically. A child doesn’t need to think for itself, it simply trusts and follows its parents. To die alive is to consider myself a trustee or an instrument of God. A trustee or instrument use all that they have but under directions of the master. If I were to look at this in a body conscious way, I might think this is too controlling, that I am losing my free will. But when I look at it soul consciously, I realize that shrimat is there for my own protection. I am on my journey to liberation-in-life and shrimat is like traffic rules for my safety. To the extent that each one follows the rules, everyone has a safe journey. Even if someone else falters but I stick to the rules, I still remain safe and could possibly even help the other person. When I realize this, then I don’t just want to follow shrimat but I want to follow it accurately.

But the basis to be able to follow shrimat accurately is the surrender of the mind and intellect.

This was in fact the first step of courage that Brahma Baba took– to surrender the consciousness of ‘I’ and the intellect of ego. This is how he became constantly pure, cool and a bestower of happiness with his body, mind and intellect. No matter what situations came up with his lokik family or even with souls in the world not known to him, there was no upheaval of doubt either in his thoughts or in his dreams, even in a subtle form- not even the slightest thought. For me, it is very easy, I have examples before me. The later I came to Baba, the easier it has been because of the example of the transformation of many souls. It is clear to me: I have to do this and become this. This is why I cannot question “why?” or “What?”, I can see everything.

However, when it came to Brahma Baba, there was margin for these questions to arise in his mind: “what do I have to do?”, “What is going to happen in the future?”, “Am I doing it right or wrong?” It was possible for these thoughts to arise but he made the possible, impossible. With one strength and one support, his intellect had faith and he became the number one victorious soul. Because of this surrender, his intellect was always light. He didn’t carry any burden on his intellect. His mind was carefree. On his face, one always saw the clear signs of a carefree emperor. Three hundred and fifty children and there wasn’t even flour to feed the children and they had to be fed on time! Could anyone remain carefree in such a situation? The bell had to be rung at 1:00pm and until 11:00am, there was no flour. But even under such circumstances, he remained cheerful and unshakeable. “This is the Father’s responsibility, not mine. I belong to the Father and the children also belong to the Father. I am just an instrument.”

Who can have such faith and remain carefree? A soul who is surrendered with his mind and intellect, points out Baba. Brahma Baba didn’t use his intellect and think: “I don’t know what’s going to happen. Will everyone starve? Will this happen or that happen?” Despite having a margin for such waste thoughts and doubts, he always only had powerful thoughts: “The Father is always the Protector and the Benefactor.” This is the specialty of surrender.

So‘, teaches Baba, ‘just as Father Brahma surrendered and took the first step of courage, follow the father in the same way.’ Faith definitely brings victory and a core element of faith is surrender. Surrender to God means to show complete faith in Him and belief in His promises. When He says that His children will not starve, I believe Him without a shadow of doubt. This is surrender of the intellect. With Brahma Baba, the flour came on time, the bell was rung and they passed. This is known as not having questions, not taking a crooked path but always putting a full-stop of surrender. Full-stop! By using this method to surrender my mind and intellect, it will be easy, Baba teaches, for me to attain success. ‘You are an easy yogi, aren’t you?‘, He asks, ‘or are you a difficult yogi?‘ Easy yoga is to apply a full-stop to all questions and doubts and simply trust and follow. This was the wonder of Father Brahma. He became free from the burden of worrying. This is easy yoga, this is surrender, a sign of full faith in the Father, a return of His love.

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