Don’t get caught up in any jamelas

Baba says, ‘In order to claim number one, continue to experience stable and constant happiness. Do not get caught up in any jamelas.’

The confluence age is the only age in the whole cycle where I get to celebrate a meeting with God Himself, practically. I get to experience His loving sustenance, become His heir and receive all His treasures as my inheritance. No treasure is bigger than the treasure of God’s love which I experience practically at this time- in all relationships. God’s love is a blissful swing. When I remain absorbed in this love and swing in the swing of happiness, neither situation nor any upheaval of Maya can come to me.

However, the method to attain the Supreme Soul’s love or experience any of His limitless treasures for that matter is to become detached from the world. To the extent that I am detached, accordingly I claim a right to God’s love and all His treasures. When I am truly merged in God’s love, I can never be influenced by limited things because they all seem essence-less, dry and tasteless. Nothing of this world can compare to the sweetness, the fulfillment, and the power that I experience from God’s love.

Mine is One Baba and none other– this is the key to unlimited attainment, to constant happiness.

But sometimes, along the way, my consciousness changes from Mine is One Baba and none other to Mine is One Baba and few other. To have the awareness of ‘Mine is One Baba’ is to celebrate a meeting (mela) but the moment I start to say ‘mine’ for even one more, then ‘mela’ changes to ‘jamela’ or chaos. Sometimes, my attitude becomes: “Baba is mine anyway, I don’t need anyone else but Baba is incorporeal and I do need some support in the corporeal….” I forget that the incorporeal One knows how to support me in the corporeal. He knows how to touch the right people at the right time to offer me the co-operation and support I need. I don’t even need to ask for it, in fact, I wouldn’t even know that I need it but I already receive it. Why? because He is my Father and He knows what His child needs and when; He fulfills His relationship faithfully. The question is if I have faith. Those whose intellects have faith cling to Him completely. As a result, they experience His very real presence in their lives; their life is one big mela. For those who say mine for any one other than Baba, there comes attachment, expectations, disappointments, etc etc.- in other words, jamelas.

Sometimes, its not a person I am looking for but I instead chase after name, recognition, prestige, status in the old world. Baba has already done a lot for me and He continues to sustain me- I even acknowledge this but where there is even one limited desire, then that gives rise to many more. It is like the toy, Russian dolls – you open one and there is another one inside it. ‘How can you celebrate a mela when you are caught up in a jamela?’, asks Baba. Baba has already got me engaged in service, I have had many opportunities to serve but I notice that one sister who gets to read the murli and just like that, I lose all the happiness of what I have attained and get caught up in: ‘I too should receive a chance to read the murli…surely, if she deserves to read it, then I certainly do….’. Then I go to Baba and put my application before Him – this is what I talk to Him about at Amritvela, during the evening meditation and even throughout the day. I become consumed by it. If I still don’t get a chance, I sulk with Him, the instrument teacher and everyone else. I forget all that He’s done for me and think, ‘Why does Baba do more for others than He does for me?’ Baba says: ‘Don’t remember the Father with any selfish motive, but remain absorbed in His selfless love.‘ He fulfills all my needs without my even needing to ask, He has come from the faraway land to this most impure world, just for me – for my peace, for my happiness. What more could I want? When I remain absorbed in His selfless love, then I am automatically in the flying stage. And when I am flying, then no matter how attractive the form of Maya is, that attraction cannot reach me. It doesn’t matter what that sister or brother are doing, I am full, I am content. Like a kite, the string of God’s love pulls me close to Himself and away from Maya.

Sometimes, my attitude is: ‘Yes, I love Baba, but in this world, one has to show and tell. Only then does one fit in, only then is there respect.’ So I chase after that promotion, that new house or car, that medal, the likes and badges. I lose myself in this chase that I have been in for half a cycle and fall behind spiritually. Previously, I didn’t know Baba, I was ignorant but now, I have come to Baba and He has given me the knowledge of right and wrong, true and false. So what is my excuse now? The Father even reminds me that I will have all the riches and luxuries in the golden age, that now is not the time for indulgence. I hear that and think: “Who has seen the future? Who will see anything anyway? We will have forgotten, and everyone else will also have forgotten. We should celebrate now!” Baba says, “This is a judgement based on falsehood.” Because of having stepped away from the Father who is the Truth, the intellect starts making wrong judgments. I might even receive success or happiness based on those judgments but it will always be temporary because the kingdom of falsehood is temporary.

A soul under the influence of falsehood can swing in the swings of the temporary happiness of receiving name, respect, honor etc. but such a soul cannot swing in the swing of supersensupus joy. I cannot receive the love and blessings from the hearts of all souls. I can attain superficial love but not respect from the heart. I might receive temporary honor but will not experience the honor of being seated on the Father’s heart-throne. I might attain temporary name through the companions of falsehood but I cannot claim a name in the Father’s heart. Let alone the future, but even in the present, there is such a huge difference between the attainments received from truth and falsehood. To make anyone or anything belong to me, to call them/it ‘mine’ is a jamela. All that is, is the cleverness of Maya to trap me in the jamela of the kingdom of falsehood, cautions Baba.

The Father says, ‘Don’t forget the days of your childhood…’ I might be happy today but if I forget the awareness of being the child, I come under the influence of Maya or falsehood and make wrong judgments. ‘There is only one mela‘, Baba teaches, ‘but many jamelas‘. The confluence age is the time to remain combined. ‘Therefore‘, He says, ‘take benefit of the specialty of the time, remain in this mela and all those jamelas will finish. Now, put a full-stop to all of Maya’s temporary rewards and continue to swing in a stable swing of happiness.

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