The Charioteer and His lucky chariot

Baba says, ‘‘He has taken this body on loan. He has become the Charioteer of this chariot and is giving you knowledge.”

In the Mahabharata, it is said that God showed Arjuna His variety form seeing which Arjuna covered his eyes and remarked: ‘O Lord! Your brightness is so intense and scorching that even my divine sight cannot bear looking at You.’ What bears consideration is whether this would be the kind of thing a child would say upon seeing its father? A child would be happy to see its father, wouldn’t it? The Father comes at this very auspicious confluence age and gives His own introduction. He says: “I don’t have such a form. I am the Supreme Father, that is, I am God, the Supreme Soul, who lives beyond.”

Besides, wouldn’t a child look like its father? Just as a soul is a an extremely subtle star, so too, the Supreme Soul, is also a star; He is no smaller or larger. He is also not thumb shaped as some believe Him to be. The Supreme Soul is the Father of all souls and He looks exactly like them, that is, like you and me. He and I have the same original qualities or virtues except He is Supreme in all virtues. While I am loving, He is the Ocean of Love; while I am kind, He is the Ocean of kindness. He is the Ocean of knowledge, the Ocean of Happiness, the Ocean of Peace….the Ocean of all Virtues. As I go through the cycle of birth and death, I go from being pure to impure, from virtuous to vicious, whereas the Supreme Soul, because He remains beyond this cycle of birth, remains ever pure.

He is the knowledge-full One, the Seed of the human world tree. A physical tree is non-living but had the seed been living, it would know how the tree grows and how it bears fruit. The Supreme Soul is the Living Seed of the human world tree and so He has the knowledge of the whole tree- the beginning, middle and end of the human story.

All souls are actors, He explains, and each one has its part recorded within it. Such a tiny star and yet, it has the part of the whole cycle within it! Similarly, God too plays His part in the unlimited drama of this world. The difference is that we souls, receive our own costume, that is, a body through which we enact our roles. In each birth, we receive a different costume. The Supreme Soul too needs a body to play His part but because He does not take birth through a womb like souls do, He does not receive a body of His own. His, is a divine incarnation and it only takes place once in the whole cycle.

Many ask: “But how can this be? how can the incorporeal One come?” Yes, He can come. When people invoke a departed soul in order to feed it, that soul comes but the body of the soul doesn’t; the soul enters a different body. In the same way, incorporeal God enters into an old, impure body to play His part; He names the one whose body He enters, Brahma. He doesn’t enter the perfect Brahma who is a resident of the subtle region. Why? because God comes as the Purifier to purify impure souls. So He has to come into the impure world where the impure souls are and enter into an impure body.

Then, the question becomes: “but why this particular body? why not a different soul’s body?” But surely, God would definitely need the body of an experienced person. It is Krishna who is the first prince of the new world. It is this soul who experienced 84 births from the beginning to the end. The last of his many births is an ordinary birth. God enters the body of the Krishna soul at the end of his last birth- the same soul who was once Krishna, now becomes Brahma, the chariot of God. This is why he is        Bhagirath (the lucky chariot of God).

The people of Bharat believe that Shiva rode a bull, that the bull is His chariot. But Shiva is incorporeal, so how could He possibly ride a bull!? He would need legs to be able to sit on a bull. Besides, why would God choose a bull of all things as a chariot? what would be the benefit from it? That, the Father points out, is blind faith.

Through the medium of Brahma, the Supreme Soul adopts souls and gives them the true knowledge of the Gita. In that sense, Brahma is also my spiritual father. Through him, the eternal Father, Shiv Baba, reminds souls of who they are, gives His own introduction and reveals the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the world drama. It is by imbibing this knowledge that corporeal Brahma became the pure, perfect Brahma shown in the subtle region. This is why Brahma’s name is well-known and Brahma’s advice is also well-known. The incorporeal Father kept Brahma Baba, the corporeal instrument, in front of the corporeal children for them to be able to follow him in a practical way; when one sees a powerful example, it is easy to follow. The Supreme Soul, Shiv Baba’s elevated shrimat to all His children is: “follow father Brahma at every step.”

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