Convert shudras into Brahmins

Baba says, ‘It is God Shiva who speaks through Brahma and converts shudras into Brahmins.’

The foundation of Brahmin life is purity. Purity is the birthplace of peace and happiness and all virtues. It is in this life that I change from being a degraded, vicious human being into an elevated, virtuous deity. My every aspect- thoughts, feelings, attitude, words, actions, relationships all become new, that is, they become pure at this time through the study of Raja yoga. Thus, purity becomes the very personality of Brahmins. Without this purification, that is, without becoming a Brahmin, I cannot change into a deity. Without this purification, I remain in the old world, in the old religion- I remain a shudra.

Pure ones are called Brahmins whereas those who are impure are said to belong to the shudra clan. The root cause of impurity is body consciousness. Half way through the cycle, I forgot who I am and started to identity as the body. This wrong consciousness brought with it all the vices, that is, the kingdom of Rama changed into the kingdom of Ravan. It is the five vices or Ravan that causes sorrow and suffering. Every year, therefore, people create a bigger and bigger effigy of Ravan and burn him but Ravan never dies; instead, he gets stronger each year! I cannot gain victory over Ravan without the power of Rama. Only from the Almighty Authority can I receive power. He is the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He neither has a physical nor subtle body; He is incorporeal. How the incorporeal One comes in Bharat and purifies souls- many find this hard, if not impossible to understand. “How can this be?”, they ask and due to this, they remain stuck in the shudra life.

They believe that Krishna is God and that he spoke the Gita. Now, everyone agrees that God is the Supreme Father and children ought to look like their father. With most of the world looking nothing like Krishna, how can he be the Supreme Father? Besides Krishna is a child, how can he relate the Gita or the elevated directions? “Everyone has become stone intellected“, says the Father. Those with stone intellects are called Shudras. The incorporeal One enters into a corporeal body and performs His act. Just like a soul needs a body to perform its role, so too, the Supreme Soul needs organs to perform His role. But the difference is that He doesn’t take birth through the womb and so doesn’t receive a body of His own. His is a divine incarnation and it only happens once at this time. It is mentioned in the Gita that God comes when there is utter irreligiousness in the world. He makes the whole of the tamopradhan world satopradhan and constantly happy. He therefore comes, not in a perfect deity body, but rather in an old impure body to make the impure world, pure again. He names the one in whose body He enters, Brahma.

Through Brahma, God adopts souls and makes them belong to Him. He not only becomes the Father but also the Supreme Teacher and Satguru. It is God Shiva who speaks through Brahma and converts shudras into Brahmins by teaching Raja yoga. It is He who shows me the way back to my purity and thus, to liberation-in-life. “You have to become soul conscious and remember the one bodiless Father.“, He instructs. It is through not knowing who the Father is that souls -with no oversight, education or guidance- have become orphans. They continue to fight amongst themselves about who’s right while continuing to perform unrightful actions. Those who don’t know the Father are called shudras. Unless I belong to the Father, I cannot become a Brahmin.

That is why this Brahmin birth is called the birth of dying alive. I die alive from the old world, from the old religion, from the old customs and systems, from the old relationships- and take a new birth. I receive a new name- child of God and a new family- the Godly family. Here, there are only one set of rules called ‘shrimat’ -the elevated directions which the Father gives only to His children. If a stranger were to tell me to do something, I wouldn’t do it. But if it is my own Father, then I would and I better! Many children, Baba says, are born again but they continue to be tempted by the old world. Despite knowing the dangers, despite having experienced my own downfall over the last half cycle, I still am drawn to the vices, I still believe they give me happiness. This, Baba points out, is like having one foot in one boat going toward one bank and the other foot in another boat going to the opposite bank, I would be torn apart! Such children, He says, are called half-caste; they neither belong to the Brahmin clan nor to the shudra clan.

Here, everyone is a child of God. Those are the only relationships- Father and child. There are no uncles, aunties, friends, counsellors, advisors, etc etc whom I need to ask for opinions or advice. Everyone is a child and there is only one Father who is also the Teacher and Satguru. He has adopted me to make me into a righteous soul. I used to belong to the shudra clan but I am now a Brahmin. I am studying to go into the deity clan. My aim and objective is clear- it is to become Lakshmi and Narayan. They are the most elevated creation of God; their very praise is: full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless, righteous and non-violent. This is what I am studying to become. So you have to check every day, He teaches: what gap remains in my becoming perfect? then, by consulting with the Father, I can make the right changes in my life. The Father explains: “Children, the destination is very high. Ask about every situation and Baba will continue to give you methods. Each one’s illness is different. You have to be cautious at every step. Otherwise, you will be deceived.”

The Father would want His children to become higher than Him and glorify His name. “Become so first class that you status becomes higher than Mine”, He says. He truly gives me a high status. No one would even be able to understand how I become the master of the world! The Father is incognito, His knowledge is incognito and the children too are incognito. My behavior should become royal, says the Father. Even my walking , moving, speaking, eating should all be very royal. Internally, there should be great happiness that I am the child of God! “Make such effort that your faces bloom like flowers.”, He teaches. When my personality thus changes, then, I become visible from incognito. I become a sample before the world of what is possible through this study, I become a sample of the great transformation the Father is bringing about. Then, when I speak to others- be it a neighbor, a co-worker, a CEO, a sannyasi or a king- they will listen because they will receive an experience. They will be inspired by my own transformation and will want the same for themselves.

God says: “You too were once a shudra, you have now been converted into a Brahmin. Now, you have to surrender yourself completely in this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra that the Father has created.” In other words, I have to completely sacrifice the old world, surrender the old ‘I and mine’ and only follow the Father’s directions. When I do, I become pure and come closer to my aim. Then, He instructs, I will be able to become the Father’s instrument in the service of converting shudras to the Brahmin religion.

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