Become an instrument for establishing peace

Baba says, “you are instruments for establishing peace. Therefore, you have to remain very, very peaceful.”

The loveliest thing in the world is peace, which means silence. It is for this peace that large conferences are held all over the world. Everyone has the aim of attaining peace but they don’t know the right meaning of peace or the right method to bring about peace. They think peace means ‘no war’ or no fighting. So they spend a lot of money on military diplomacy and even give people prizes for brokering peace. But the world is no more peaceful as a result, instead, it is more peaceless. It is the one Father’s task to bring about peace in the world and He is carrying out that task right now with the help of His spiritual army.

The special power of this army is the power of silence; unlike the worldly army, this army is a non-violent army. Only a non-violent army can bring about peace. Those who are angry and peaceless themselves cannot possibly establish peace in the world. “So, O bestowers of peace, how much have you accumulated the power of silence?“, asks BapDada. The power of silence will make the whole world peaceful from peaceless. It will transform not only human beings but also the elements of nature. So the way to bring about peace in the world is for souls to become more powerful with this power. At present, there are conferences, workshops, speeches etc. re: peace, that is, the power of words and physical facilities are used more to serve. But, teaches Baba, the power of silence is much greater than the power of words or facilities. Just as I use projectors, PowerPoints, videos etc. for serving through words, similarly, the facilities of the power of silence are pure thoughts, good wishes and the language of the eyes. I might be able to give the introduction of the Father through words, but what souls need right now is not an explanation but an experience of the Father. That can only be given through the power of silence and with the language of the eyes, explains Baba.

Just as I show images through a projector, in the same way, I can clearly show the sparkling image of the self and of the Father in the center of the forehead. Just as I give people the experience of the pilgrimage of remembrance through commentaries, in the same way, through the power of silence, my face will automatically give the experience of the different stages of remembrance. Souls will experience the seed stage, or they will experience the angelic stage or they might experience a variety of virtues from my powerful face. Just as today, I use words to enable souls to have feelings of love and co-operation amongst themselves, in the same way, when I myself have good wishes and am stable in the stage of soul conscious, selfless love, then, whatever my feelings are, I will enable those same feelings to arise in them. My good wishes will ignite their feelings just as a lamp ignites another lamp. Just as I have tasks carried out with words today, I will be able to have those tasks carried out with the power of pure thoughts. Just as I can use a telephone to speak to someone directly, similarly, the power of pure thoughts will give the experience as if I am speaking directly, face to face, or via telephone.

“Therefore, o elevated souls, bestowers of peace, experience the power of silence’, says Baba.

It is practice that makes perfect. The more I continue to practice with the power of silence, the more powerful I become with it. As time goes on, there will not be time to serve with words or with projectors. At such a time, only the power of silence will come in handy. Whatever is very powerful will also be extremely subtle. Pure thoughts are more subtle than words and so its impact will also be powerful. Where words don’t succeed, the experience of mercy and love together with the facilities of the power of silence- pure thoughts, good wishes and the language of the eyes- can accomplish a task. Sometimes, souls come looking for peace and when it is explained to them in words, they start to argue. The more I explain, the more they argue. But when they are made to sit in remembrance, when they are made to experience the power of silence even if just for a minute, they surrender their arguments. ‘So‘, teaches Baba, ‘continue to increase this power of silence.

The basis to increase this power of silence is introversion and solitude. Extroversion is easy, however, according to the need of the present time, I need to practice being introverted, instructs Baba. Some think that they simply don’t have that half hour or an hour to sit in solitude. But Baba teaches that I don’t need to have a continuous block of time to practice this. While in the midst of my activities, I simply find a couple of minutes to pause and check my thoughts. This is what is called traffic control, teaches Baba. Just as I consider all other disciplines to be essential, so too, this traffic control of the mind is also a discipline, teaches Baba; it too needs to be followed. In that minute of pause, I stabilize myself in the seed stage, or the angelic stage, or the stage of being a light and might house to the world. Even if I concentrate on this stage for that one minute, it will give me and others a lot of benefit. I just need to practice, teaches Baba. Brahma Baba had this practice and he became the #1 victorious jewel, the Father’s first angel. His sign of perfection was that he experienced the stage of introversion and solitude while walking and moving around and while listening and doing things. ‘So’, says Baba, ‘follow father.

No one had more responsibility than Father Brahma and yet, he never said that he was too busy. He became an example before the children. ‘Now, practice this‘, says Baba. My brothers and sisters are still in the jail of Ravan and their cry is: “Give us an experience for even just a second!” They are tired of listening, just as I was. They want an experience, they want to be taken beyond with just a glance. With my pure thoughts, I will be able to end the waste thoughts of souls. With my pure feelings, I will enable their feelings of love for the Father to emerge. Then, they will carry this last sanskar of peace with themselves and sing the praise of the Father and His angels. “Therefore“, stresses Baba, “now increase your power of peace in particular. Become a bestower of peace for yourself and for others.”

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