Become a constantly great donor

Baba says, “Constantly great donors remain busy all the time in donating in three ways. Those who give these three types of donation can easily become great donors.”

There are three main donations, teaches Baba. One is donation through the mind, the second is donation through words and the third is donation through actions. Through the mind, I donate all powers, through words I donate knowledge and through my actions, I donate all virtues. As long as I remain busy in making these three kinds of donations, not only do I receive rewards but I also remain safe from Maya.

So at the beginning of each day“, Baba teaches, “make a plan of how you will donate all these three things and in what way. Then, at the end of the day, check“, He says, “whether you became a great donor. Did I donate in all three ways?” Each of the three types of donation has its own reward and attainment. Just as on the path of devotion, each one attains something according to the donation he gives, in the same way, on this path too, I create my fortune to the extent that I donate. Not only do I receive for the future, but he also receive instant fruit. So if I make all three types of donation, then I receive three types of fruit in a practical way instantly.

If I make a donation through my mind, then, firstly, I become victorious over my own mind, that is, I am able to create the thoughts I want, when I want, for however long I want. That is, I can create whatever creation I wish through my thoughts for however long I want and when I want to put a full-stop to a thought, I can do that too. That is, I attain the powers to create thoughts, destroy thoughts and sustain them. Maybe I had trouble stabilizing my mind on any given thought in the past but when I practice being a donor through my mind, I become victorious over my mind. This is also what is known as being a master almighty authority. Secondly, I am able to give others the experience of peace with the power of my vision, attitude, and consciousness. Maybe someone is distressed about something but because my thoughts are powerful, that, comes through in my vision, attitude and consciousness and I am able to make the other peaceful – temporarily, because the other person has not made their own effort. However, they do experience it, even if, for a short period, because of my donation.

When I am a great donor through my words, each word of mine has a lot of value. The value of one jewel is much more than the innumerable other physical jewels- many souls are thirsty to hear each word from such a soul. One word becomes such that it is able to quench the thirst of many thirsty souls. So I thus become master knowledge-full, valuable and also sensible; sense means that there is no word spoken that is without essence. These are the qualifications and when it comes to attainment- when I am a donor through words, firstly, I experience happiness– there is happiness when there is wealth. Secondly, I will never become discontent because I am always full of all treasures and where there is no lack, there is always contentment and cheerfulness. Each word of mine will be like an arrow. Whatever I say to anyone will touch that person. When I thus practice donating through words, my speech is filled with many virtues. I easily attain happiness in my stage. I will not have to make effort to attain anything, I will attain everything automatically in the form of blessings.

Finally, when I make a donation of virtues through actions, I become an embodiment of an angel; by donating virtues through my actions, both my face and behavior will be like those of an angel. There will be the light of both types- the sparkling light and also lightness. Whatever steps I take will feel light, there will be no experience of burden; instead, it will feel as though a power is making me move. I will experience help in every action. I will experience receiving blessings from everyone in every action. Secondly, I experience being worthy of receiving blessings from everyone: not through effort but naturally. So first, I will be seen as an angel and second, I will experience being an embodiment of all blessings.

So check“, says Baba: “am I lacking in giving any type of donation? Am I giving all types of donation? You must definitely fulfill the account of all three types of donation in one way or another. For this, you must look for methods and chances.”, He teaches. “Don’t say: “I will do it if I am given a chance”, you have to take the chance.”, He instructs. When I become such a donor, people will see the aura of light and might in me. From my forehead, people will be able to see the orb of light, and through my behavior and words, they will see the orb of the might of knowledge, that is, they will be able to see the Seed. In fact orbs of light and might are visible in the images of both angels as well as the deities- by seeing their images, it’s as if my face changes. I become happy and light. “You too should become living images, so that as soon as people see you, their face, features and activity changes.”, explains Baba. This is the sign of being a great donor.

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