God Himself has adopted me

Baba says, ‘you are God’s children and this is your invaluable life. Your Godly clan is the most elevated. Maintain the intoxication that God Himself has adopted you.’

The Brahmin family is the highest family. The very first thing God does when He comes is to adopt me as His child; that is, He makes me belong to Him. He brings me into the loving relationship of a family. I receive a new name when I die alive from the old world and am born to God- child of God, and a new family- the Godly family. Baba didn’t just give me the knowledge that I am an elevated soul, but He gave me the knowledge that I, an elevated soul, am His child. He brought me into the relationship of Father and child and just like that, I went from being an orphan to an heir of God Himself. I had no real education or guidance in the past, now, God Himself becomes not just my Father, but also my Teacher and Satguru. He sustains me, teaches me and guides me. What does He teach me? Raja Yoga- the study through which I become a self-sovereign, change from impure human being into deity.

No one else has the strength to do this.”, He points out. Why does He do this? because, He says, “this is the Father’s duty.” It is when I forgot who I am and Whom I belong to that I got taken in as prisoner by Ravan or the five vices. I lost my peace to fear, lost my contentment to the chase of limited desires and my happiness to selfishness. Ravan taught me too but he taught me all the wrong things that ended up bankrupting I, the soul. Now, the Father of all souls comes to enable His children to reclaim their lost inheritance. The Father personally sits with me and says: “My long-lost and now-found children, My children who have been separated for a long time, do you remember how I sent you to heaven and how you went around the cycle of 84 births? You have now come to Me once again. Therefore, now, consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me, your Father.”

The Father has come once again with heaven as a gift on the palm of His hand. To remember the Father and the inheritance is liberation-in-life in a second. How so? This awareness liberates me from fear and returns me to peace, liberates me from all worry and makes me a carefree emperor, liberates me from limited desires and makes me one with a right to all treasures, content, liberates me from selfishness and makes me a bestower like the Father. “Did you ever think that the Father Himself would come and adopt a corporeal form, just like you children, and give you the experience of Father and child and all relationships?”, asks Baba. The answer is No!, I hadn’t even dreamt that one day I would be sustained by God practically. That He would become my Teacher and Guide. I was asking to be the dust on His feet, He made me the crown on His head. “Always maintain this intoxication”, He points out, “that God Himself has adopted you.”

Often I hear this and think that this is just something nice Baba tells me. “Of course, I am happy that I am God’s child”, I think to myself. But to maintain this intoxication is not just a ‘nice thing’, rather it is a foundational requirement to progress….to even stay alive on this spiritual path. And in order to maintain this intoxication always, I need to maintain the awareness that God is my Father, Teacher and Satguru and follow His shrimat. He has come to this impure land, in an impure body and is teaching me Raja Yoga. Therefore, I should follow His shrimat. I should pay attention to studying. Unless I study, I cannot transform from being a child of Ravan to a child of God. The Father gives me teachings and inspires me to imbibe divine virtues. Only when I imbibe, will I transform and only when I experience transformation in myself, that is, when I see results, will I have the intoxication, enthusiasm and faith to keep on going.

The One who is the most powerful and elevated is the one Father and He is the One who is giving me shirmat or elevated directions. This is His duty as the Father and my duty as the child is to follow His directions. The Father says, “I am the most Obedient Servant of Bharat. I make Bharat into heaven.” and I am his helper in this task. The Father cannot make Bharat into heaven without my help. And the help He needs from me is for me to become pure again, that is, to follow His shrimat and become the deity again. That is how I usher in heaven. “Just look how beautiful Lakshmi and Narayan are!“, says Baba. They are not someone else, that is who I truly am. All I have to do to become that again is study what the Teacher is teaching me well and learn to live life per His guidance. “The Father brings heaven on the palm of His hand for you, and so He Himself would definitely make you worthy of that.“, He says. He doesn’t wave a magic wand to make me worthy, He teaches and guides. It is up to me to want to become worthy by taking benefit of His teachings and guidance.

Keep a chart“, He advises me, “as to how long you remembered the Father and the inheritance.” And I don’t have to remember while sitting down in one place, no. While walking and moving around, while going about my activities, I practice considering myself a soul and remember the Father. My hands might be busy but the intellect is connected with the Father who has come to where I am, adopted me, and given me a new life. The more I remember, the more the bondages break away and I become liberated-in-life. I lived in the dirt for not 1 or 2 but for 63 births and now while the world is still dirty, the Father has taught me to be a lotus. With my new birth, my family changed and the age changed. While the rest of the world is still in the degraded iron age, I have stepped into the most auspicious confluence age. It is now time to return home with the Father before coming into the new world. Therefore, I must first establish the new world before I leave here. And so the Father says, ‘follow shrimat.’

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