Finish the account of waste, become powerful

Baba says, “In Brahmin life, wasteful thoughts, wasteful words and wasteful actions make you waste a lot of your time. Your account of wastefulness does not allow you to become powerful.” 

The whole world is thirsty to have a glimpse of the Father for even a second, and I am the elevated soul who has a right to belong to that Father in one second! They read from scripture, trying to make sense of who God is- they debate and argue. Here, God speaks to me face-to-face! I am the most fortunate soul in the world! Do I have this awareness? This awareness automatically makes me powerful.

Powerful means – there is no waste. If there is waste, there cannot be anything powerful; if there are waste thoughts in my mind, powerful thoughts cannot stay there. The two are mutually exclusive. Powerful thoughts enable me to experience a meeting with the Almighty Father and also make me into a conqueror of Maya. They also make me into an embodiment of success in service. Waste thoughts on the other hand repeatedly bring me down. They finish my zeal and enthusiasm. I remain confused about “why?” and “what?” This is why I remain disheartened with myself over trivial matters. Waste thoughts deprive me of constantly experiencing the treasures of all attainments. Indeed, thoughts are the foundation of all other treasures and attainments. Thoughts are the seed- if the seed is faulty, then everything that sprouts from it will be bad too. And thus, of all the elevated treasures of this confluence age, the treasure of thoughts is the most elevated.

I understand all of this well and yet, there is wastage- why? The cause, Baba explains, is a lack of pure thoughts, pure ideas and the treasures of knowledge. The treasure of pure and powerful thoughts is the murli and I receive it daily. But because I don’t give sufficient value to it, I am unable to imbibe these powerful thoughts. And where the intellect remains empty, waste enters. “Continue to churn each elevated version at every moment, and waste cannot enter a powerful intellect.“, teaches Baba. “Not to know how to keep the intellect busy is to invoke waste thoughts. So now become the businessmen who keep the intellect busy”, teaches Baba, “day and night, become the businessmen of these jewels of knowledge.” When I don’t have time for anything else, then there will be no waste. The basis of keeping the intellect full of powerful thoughts is to listen to the murli everyday, to merge it in myself and then to become an embodiment of it. “The Father speaks to you directly.“, He reminds me. Let me relate to Him directly by following His shrimat, that is, by becoming an embodiment of His directions. Unlike bhagats, I am not reading nor listening to someone else read from a scripture; the Father Himself sits before me and teaches me Raja Yoga. “I, your Father, have come to teach you Raja Yoga once again. It is through this that you will become the kings of kings. No one else can make you into the masters of heaven.”, He says.

There are three stages: Most enjoy listening to the Murli a great deal; in fact, I cannot stay without listening to it. Those in this stage enjoy the murli and are intoxicated while listening to it but as soon as the listening ends, the interest also ends because I haven’t merged it within myself. This is also what I did in bhakti. I listened to the stories with a lot of interest, even said ‘true, true’, had tears in my eyes but then when the story ended, so did my interest. I went back home to the same old pattern of living. “Devotees simply bow down their heads and continue to wander around.”, explains Baba. Here too, because I haven’t made the intellect full of powerful thoughts, waste continues to enter and the intellect continues to wander, against my wish, from one waste thought to the next at a fast speed.

The next stage is that of merging the points I hear within myself. In this case, because I have filled my intellect with powerful thoughts, I remain safe from waste but because I don’t embody the points, I don’t become powerful myself, nor make others powerful. So that weakness remains. “The tree grows slowly.“, explains Baba, “some just become buds from thorns and some become flowers. When storms come, some flowers wilt. Every cycle, they listen, they become amazed and they even give others knowledge but then, oh Maya! She swallows even good children. As time goes by, you will see how very good children leave.”

Those who become an embodiment, on the other hand, are constantly full, constantly powerful and also end the waste of others with their powerful vibrations. A powerful soul transforms waste into powerful in a second. “So ask yourself“, says Baba, “who am I? Am I one who listens to the murli, one who merges it within myself or one who becomes an embodiment?” The basis of getting past that stage of simply merging points in my intellect to the stage of being an embodiment is a surrendered intellect. When I truly get this down into my bones that it is God Himself who is teaching me daily, I will surrender the consciousness of “mine” and truly pay attention to the study. I will not speak about ‘tolerance’ to others but get angry myself when the situation comes. To say: “I didn’t mean to say those words, but the situation was such…” or “what can I do, it’s just my sanskar..” is not surrender. Surrender means, I now belong to God. I am His child and so His sanskars are my sanskars, His nature is my nature. Just as the Father’s intellect is divine, so should be mine. I receive this divine intellect when I first surrender the shudra intellect. “Transform your sanskars of a shudra and become a firm Brahmin.“, says Baba. This happens when I put what I have listened and merged…into use.

To give a lecture on the point of ‘purity’ is easy but then I also have to put it to use in my thoughts, words, and actions. That is how I become an embodiment of it, that is, I make it a sanskar. Similarly, I might understand ‘tolerance’ but I also need to apply the power of tolerance in my situations and interactions to become an embodiment of it. When I get busy with this listening, merging and experimenting in my daily life, there will be no scope for waste. “If even now, you continue to waste your power and time in waste, then when will you become powerful? Only those who are powerful for a long time can rule the perfect kingdom for a long time”, says Baba. It is now the time to make others powerful through my own powerful form. “Therefore“, says the Father, “end the waste of the self.”

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