Importance of amrit vela

Baba says, ‘become great by knowing the importance of amrit vela.’

Amrit vela is the special time for receiving sustenance from God. Amrit vela is the special time for celebrating a meeting with God. It is the time for having a spiritual conversation. Amrit vela is the time for easily attaining blessings from the treasure-store of blessings of the Innocent Lord. The memorial of attaining whatever fruit I desire from the Innocent Lord comes from this time of amrit vela. It is time for attaining treasures from the open treasure-store without making effort.

If I were to reflect back on my own experiences of amrit vela, I’d see many instances where I received answers to my questions, clarity on how to do a particular task, new ideas, celebrated loving meetings with BapDada, instances where I confessed and experienced the Father’s loving forgiveness, instances where I went to the Surgeon with an issue and received a remedy in the murli that day. “Only those who have experienced“, Baba says, “would know of this elevated happiness and elevated attainments.”

Even in the memorials until now, any time someone has to perform a special, elevated task, they always consider the time first. Here too, the early morning hours of nectar, has received a blessing, explains Baba. It is therefore the best time for making effort and having easy attainment. Those who know about the time of special blessings and experience those blessings are special servers. I cannot serve unless I am full myself and the time to fill myself, to create a powerful stage is amrit vela. And so if I am truly serious about serving, then I will ensure I take the benefit of this special time; I will ensure that I start each day with a strong foundation at amrit vela. If the foundation is weak or ordinary, then the structure above it will automatically be likewise. “If you move along understanding this importance, your actions will also be according to the importance you give.”, explains Baba.

In fact the time is called Brahma-muhurat because Brahmins begin and establish the new day at this time, like Brahma does. It is also called brahm-muhurat because the atmosphere at that time is such that the soul can easily experience themselves to be a resident of the brahm element. During the rest of the day, I have to make an effort or labor to detach myself from the noise and the atmosphere. However, at amrit vela, no such effort is needed. Just as my home of brahm is the land of peace, in the same way, there is automatic silence at amrit vela. Because of that silence, I can easily imbibe the stages of an embodiment of peace and a resident of the land of peace. If I remember any of the titles of self-respect and experience them at amrit vela or remember any specific shrimat that I am working on applying in my life at that time, it will be easy to remain in that awareness through the rest of the day. This is why even students also wake up early to study because they are able to absorb the content easily at that time. “So“, asks Baba, “do you value this time? Or is it that you value it sometimes and not at other times?

This is a very easy method, He points out, to attain treasures – any and all that I wish. But, I just have to realize and give that much value to this method. It is said that there is success when one follows the right method. I can try to practice developing a particular stage or try to detach or try to celebrate a meeting with Baba etc. throughout the day but it will take me a lot of effort if I haven’t first laid the foundation at amrit vela. That is the right method- amrit vela first, no excuses. This is easy Raja Yoga, not hatha yoga; this isn’t meant to be laborious. All I have to do is follow the right method.

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