Receiving the Father’s help

Baba says, “If you remain soul conscious and continue to remember the Father, He also helps.”

It is said: “God helps those who help themselves.When I maintain courage, then the Father definitely helps. In exchange for just one step of courage, I receive from the Father, multi-million steps of help. This is the promise or I could call it the blessing or the inheritance from BapDada. But a lot of times, I forget the first part of that blessing- my part and only remember the second part- Baba’s part.

The first courage Baba asks His children to demonstrate is to remain pure even while remaining in the household. All the rishis and munis and great souls of the copper age thought it impossible to remain pure while living in the household. And the present state is such that they find it difficult to remain pure themselves but the children of God speak about purity in a very natural way to them, saying that purity is the original and eternal form of the soul. So, what is so difficult in that?, we ask. I am able to issue this challenge to the world because when I came to Baba, I had the determined thought: “I have to become pure” and in return, the Father gave me multi-millionfold help. He gave me the power of knowledge: You are originally and eternally pure, you have become pure many times and you will continue to become pure, He said. This is not anything new! You are simply repeating the elevated stage you have had many times. Further, He pointed out that devotees, to this day, continue to ask for the power of purity in front of deities. You are those deities, He told me. This is why they show a halo of light around the head in your non-living images, He explained. By giving me such awareness, the Father made me strong and powerful, from weak. Not only was I then able to make the impossible, possible by remaining pure myself but I became powerful enough to proclaim: “I will definitely be the Father’s instrument in making the world pure.” This is called maintaining the first step of courage and receiving multi-millionfold help from the Father.

But as I move along on this spiritual path, there is a tendency to become complacent or lazy or careless. In the beginning of my journey, I was intoxicated about coming to God, about what I am becoming; I was eager to follow everything Baba told me. Then, as time goes by, I get careless and instead of maintaining courage, I start to become arrogant and think that I am always pure anyway, that I am entitled to the Father’s help. My attitude becomes: “If the Father doesn’t help me, who else would He help?” Because of this wrong attitude, I forget to do my part and simply sit back. I don’t pay as much attention to murli as I used to: “I know, I’ve heard it before…in fact, I gave a class on this very topic yesterday”, I don’t remember with that same love, that desperation, that longing that I had before. I no longer have those tears of love in my eyes: “Of course, I remember Baba, I am His child anyway…”. I think that I am now a ‘yogi, gyani’ soul, that I have now become a well-known server, that I am even in-charge of a center, that my kingdom has already been created, that I am so pure now that even nature is willing to serve me…and so I kick back and relax. This carelessness and not paying attention deprives me of the Father’s help. Remembrance begets remembrance, love begets love. If I stop remembering, I will also stop experiencing the Father’s loving presence and His help. I unwittingly make myself alone. And when I am alone, that is the golden opportunity for Maya to attack and drag me back into her world.

Often I make the mistake of thinking: “O please! that would never happen to me. I am a firm Brahmin….” and I dismissively say: “I am not one of those weak ones to fall prey to Maya…”. This is arrogance of the body and it is my worst enemy. Let me not forget that every soul has good and bad, powerful and weak tendencies. If things had been that easy, God wouldn’t need to come to help me out of my mess. “To become a true Brahmin is not like going to your aunty’s home”, says Baba. “Those who don’t remember the Father definitely continue to perform impure acts.”, He cautions. To the extent that I consider myself a soul and remember the Almighty Father, I am able to maintain a powerful stage. The more I forget to remember, the more the experiences of the last half the cycle will repeat- I will become self-absorbed and remember bodily beings more, chase after limited desires, get entangled in ‘I and mine’ and thus, get dragged back into a life of bondage rather than be liberated-in-life.

Father Brahma paid attention to himself, to service and to having an attitude of unlimited disinterest until the very end. Although he was/is the Father of Humanity, he always considered himself a student till the end. This is how he was able to maintain courage from the beginning till the end and became the most worthy of receiving the Father’s help; he thereby attained number one. Even though his future was fixed, he was not careless. He constantly continued to tell the children about his experiences of intense efforts until the end. He became absorbed in the Ocean of Help to such an extent that, even now, like the Father, he is helping all the children in an angelic way. This is known as taking one step of courage and receiving multi-millionfold help.

And so Baba says, “follow father. Become soul conscious and remember the Father and you will receive His help.” But sometimes, when I am in the grip of body consciousness, rather than show courage, I cry out and try to justify my state by saying: “What do you know? If it were to happen to you, you’d know…” I even say to the Father: “You are incorporeal anyway. What do you know?” Then, to Brahma Baba, I say: “You received a lift from the Father; what do you know?” But the reason for my state is always the same- I forget to show courage. I forget that when I maintain courage, the Father helps. If I live my life body consciously, routinely wander outside the Godly code of conduct, barely remember the Father, and then complain when things inevitably go wrong, I cannot expect to receive His help. Not because He doesn’t want to help me, rather it is because I am not in a state to receive His help. And so Baba says, “Many belong to God and then belong to Maya; they become body conscious. Follow the Father’s shrimat; only then will He remain responsible. The directions of Brahma are also remembered. When you follow his directions, the Father still becomes responsible. Therefore, you should remove the responsibility from yourselves.” I have to become the child to receive the Father’s help; children listen to their parents.

That I have to take the first step of courage to receive the Father’s help, is the law that is fixed in the drama. If there weren’t this law, then everyone would become #1. But the reason everyone is numberwise is because of this method. So, says Baba, maintain as much courage as you can and take help accordingly. In other words, I have consider myself a soul and remember the Father; I have to follow His shrimat alone. The Father doesn’t hold back in giving help. Whether it is a one year old child or a 50 year old child, whether they are living at the center or living at home with their family, all have equal rights. The attainment is achieved by using the right method.

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