Krishna didn’t speak the Gita


Baba says, ‘Krishna didn’t speak the Gita. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, spoke the Gita. Everything depends on this.’

Everyone says God is One. If that is true then, all souls in the whole world are brothers, children of the one Father. Children ought to have some resemblance to their father and with most of the world looking nothing like Krishna, how can he be God, our Father? For that matter, how can any human-being be considered God? Surely, God must be incorporeal.

He is a point of light, just like I am. He is my Father and so we look alike. His name is Shiva. This name does not belong to any religion, it simply means Benefactor. God comes and changes hell into heaven, He brings so much benefit. His name is thus based on His activity. 

No human-being can be called God because all human-beings…

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