We, the Shakti Army, are gaining victory

Baba says, ‘You definitely do have to conquer Ravan. We, the Shakti Army, are gaining victory.’

The basis of victory is faith. The sign of the spiritual Shakti Army is the faith and intoxication of victory. In the world, when an army goes to war, they don’t go with a guarantee of victory. But the specialty of being part of the spiritual Shakti Army is that I always have the faith and intoxication that not only am I victorious at this time but that I will be victorious cycle after cycle. Even on the path of devotion, I hear stories of my victory, I see pictures of my victory. The only mistake is that they depict the war as a violent war when in reality, this is a non-violent war over Ravan or the five vices. They depict the army as a violent, ordinary army whereas, I am part of a non-violent army and my foremost dharna is of non-violence.

In the memorial, it is also shown that when Arjuna and Duryodhana were given a choice, Arjuna chose God whereas Duryodhana chose a vast army. It is shown that God said that He Himself wouldn’t pick up a weapon and fight but that He would provide guidance. And so Duryodhana thought: What good is that!? I’m going to need my uncle who is the guru of archery, my other uncle who is a guru of something else, my friend who is the best fighter, my this one and that one…I’m going to need their help, their influence, their support to attain victory in and over the world. He forgot that this is God, the Almighty Powerful. It is said: “Those whose intellect has love for God are victorious whereas those whose intellect has no love for God are led to destruction.” As a Shiv Shakti, as a Pandav, I know that all I need on my side is God. Only the one Father is the Purifier. Only He is the Ocean of Knowledge who gives me the knowledge of who He is, who I am and the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. This is the true Gita. It is through this knowledge that I, the soul, become pure and a self-sovereign again. Only by following His directions do I become liberated from the grip of the five vices. This is why only the one Father is called the Liberator, and true Guide.

Arjuna knew this truth and so he chose God. This is my memorial. I, the soul, have recognized the Father and made myself belong to Him. I have become His child. A child trusts the father implicitly and follows his directions. There is no thinking for myself, that is, there is no mixing of ‘what I think’ and ‘how I feel’; there is no mixing of what ‘my uncle thinks’ or ‘my friend thinks’ or ‘my guru thinks’. The intellect is completely surrendered to God, I only care about and follow what He teaches me. He is my only Guru and Guide. My victory is then guaranteed. “The Father only speaks to His children. Only Brahmins are Godly students. The Father has given you the knowledge of the Creator and creation and made you into master janijananhars (one who knows everything).”, says Baba. 

For half a cycle, I was confused- I thought I was a body rather than a soul. Then the Father came and reminded me of the truth: “You are a soul, not the body. You are My child. You were the masters of heaven. When you forgot who you are, you fell prey to Ravan and lost all your inheritance of peace, happiness and contentment. Now, consider yourself a soul and remember the Father and the inheritance and you will become the masters of heaven again.” No guru, uncle, aunty or friend can give me this knowledge or show me the way back to my truth. Only the one Father is SarvShaktiman (Almighty Powerful) and it is His remembrance alone that will absolve me of all sin and renew the mind. And so when I have faith that this is God who is teaching me, I will easily surrender; I will choose Him and gain victory.

Yes, many storms will come. I will have thoughts that I never had before, there will be opposition, I might experience loss in my family or in my business, I will face insults and defamation, come face to face with strongholds within me- yes, this will happen. But I know from the Father that this is all part of the purification process. Having taken the medicine of Manmanabhav, all the illnesses of half the cycle, many of which I wasn’t even aware I had, will come out. “You mustn’t become afraid of storms“, says Baba, “rather, you must become victorious.” When the Father is my one Strength and one Trust, all I have to do is hold on to His hand and pass through the storm. He didn’t say storms wouldn’t come but He did promise to walk through them with me. God stayed with Arjuna in every situation and guided him to victory. Arjuna became victorious because he obeyed; He was sensible enough to only follow the directions of the One. He made God his Charioteer.

This is what Brahma Baba also did and became number one victorious. And so the Father says, “you are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. You too must follow shrimat and become elevated.” Father Brahma had Shiv Baba as His only reference. I, on the other hand, have two fathers; I have a double-engine! They are combined and are teaching me how to gain victory. As I become an embodiment of their teachings and continue to gain victory, it is my duty to tell my brothers who are still stuck in Ravan’s army: “We, the Shakti Army, are gaining victory. Come and we will explain to you how our Master is teaching us how to gain victory. If you want to gain victory, you can also become a member of the Shakti Army.

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