Become a conqueror of attachment

Baba says, ‘in order to claim a high status in the future, have no desires in this old world but simply become a conqueror of attachment.’

The aim of this study is: to become a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. Baba’s first shrimat is: “consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.” But I can remember when I am not pulled by attachments to this old world- to people, things, accomplishments and all the rest. On the same token, I will be able to become a conqueror of attachment when I become an embodiment of remembrance. It’s a virtuous cycle.

Attachment is a main obstacle especially for the mothers. There is attachment when there is still the consciousness of ‘mine’. Baba says, “The Father knows that a wife has a lot of attachment to her husband and children. It is the duty of you children to become free from that and become conquerors of attachment.” The way to become free from attachment, He teaches, is to remember my promises. When I first came to Baba, my promise was: “I belong to You, and so everything belongs to.” So then, He asks, where did the consciousness of ‘mine’ come from? “Don’t mix ‘mine’ with ‘Yours'”, He points out. Further, I said: “Whatever You say is what I will do. Whatever You feed me…, wherever You make me sit… I will surrender myself to You.” “Then surrender yourself! Don’t just say it!“, says Baba.

The Father makes me sit on His heart-throne, He calls me to the subtle region to celebrate a constant meeting with Him and yet, I drag myself back to the corporeal region. My promise was: ‘Wherever You make me sit…’ The Father did not say: “Sit in the corporeal region”; rather He said: “While in the corporeal region, remain avyakt.” “So remember your promises“, He teaches.

Surrender means nothing of ‘mine’ remains. I have died a living death and so there is nothing that is ‘mine’, whatever I have belongs to the Father, I belong to the Father. He has given me this new birth. My mind is surrendered and so I cannot create any thoughts that I like, this body is surrendered and so I cannot use it to perform any sinful action or spend my wealth on wasteful tasks. If I do, then it means that I gave it to Baba but then I also took it back. I have been given this life- this mind, body and wealth in trust to use per directions or shrimat. I have received shrimat for what to have in my mind, for what to do with the body and how to spend my wealth. When I follow the directions of the One, then my stage will automatically be Manmanabhav– I will have made myself belong to the One. And when this is my stage, then there cannot be any attachment to the old world left in me. “Again“, teaches Baba, “in order to be a conqueror of attachment, remember your promises.”

The Father simply tells you two things: “If you want to claim your full inheritance, definitely become pure and, secondly, you have to stay in yoga.” 

The more I stay in remembrance, the easier it becomes to break away the attachments to the old world. Baba explains that I may do my mundane business throughout the day, but I HAVE TO, wake up at the time of amrit vela and have a sweet conversation with Baba: “Baba, You have worked wonders! You are giving me the sovereignty of heaven for 21 births!” For however long I stay in remembrance, then the effect of that will last throughout the day. I will not think of myself as a householder but rather as a child of God, a Godly student, a spiritual pilgrim, a Shakti, a Godly helper. As long as I think of myself as any of these forms, when this is my awareness, then I will be free from attachments to the old world. I will liberate myself from the limited ‘I’ and ‘mine’ that comes with being a householder and go through the day as a world benefactor. The consciousness of a householder keeps me small, limited. The Father takes my intellect into the unlimited responsibility of world benefit. As a child of God or as His student or as His helper, I easily remember what my unlimited duty is and that awareness automatically helps me stay beyond limited, wasteful sanskars of the self and of others. I’m too busy fulfilling my duty of world benefit through my mind, body and wealth to be dragged into trivialities or to be attracted to temporary and unfulfilling pursuits in the old world. I rise above the ordinary and become elevated.

Baba says, ‘in order to claim a high status in the future, have no desires in this old world but simply become a conqueror of attachment. Maya is very powerful. You have to conquer it. Make full effort. Don’t think that it doesn’t matter what status you attain in the golden age. No, you have to make effort to become elevated.” 

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