A pure, golden aged intellect

Baba says, ‘If you don’t remain pure you’re unable to imbibe knowledge. All of this knowledge can only be imbibed by a pure, golden-aged intellect.’

The greatest asset a human-being has is the intellect. It is the intellect that discerns between right and wrong, true and false, good and bad. My choices and decisions, are then based on that discernment. In the beginning of the cycle, my intellect was divine or pure or golden-aged and I was, as a result, a master of heaven or the world of peace and happiness or the golden aged world. Then, as time went by, various alloys got mixed in- first, silver got mixed in. My intellect became silver-aged from golden and the world too descended into the silver age. Then, my purity dropped further with the alloys of copper and iron getting mixed in and at this time in the cycle, all human-beings have a stone intellect or an iron-aged intellect or a degraded intellect that is barely awake. Consequently, sin is rampant in the world; heaven has become hell. My inheritance of peace and happiness is all but gone; snatched away by the five vices- the alloys that got mixed in to the intellect.

I therefore called out: “O Purifier, come and make us impure ones pure again. Take us away from this land of sorrow to a place of rest and comfort.” The Father came and has showed me the way. He simply tells me two things: “If you want to reclaim your full inheritance, definitely become pure, and secondly, you have to stay in yoga.” Be pure, be Raja yogi.

He purifies me by teaching me Raja yoga; Through this study, He once again reminds me of how elevated a soul that I am, that I am His child and tells me the story of how I once ruled heaven, how I then lost it all to the vices and how I can reclaim my inheritance through imbibing this knowledge that He is teaching me. I had forgotten how to think, speak or act righteously; He teaches me again- He gives me shrimat or elevated directions for every aspect of my life. When I become an embodiment of this knowledge, I become a golden aged, self-sovereign again.

But that can only happen, He explains, when my intellect becomes a golden vessel, that is, a pure vessel. Otherwise, this knowledge cannot be retained in the intellect, it slips away and I fall back to the falsehoods of the past. The intellect becomes a golden vessel when I remember the Father with a lot of love. The more time I spend in the company of the Father, the more I experience His purity and the more my own purity is awakened. In other words, the alloys start to melt away. This is called the fire of yoga or the fire of love of the Beloved. “Keep all your relationships with Me”, He says. This is the easiest method to detach myself from the old world. When the One becomes my whole world, when all my attainments are in Him, then the intellect will not be pulled in other directions.

Wake up early in the morning, at amritvela, and remember the Father, He teaches: “Baba, You have worked wonders! You are giving me the sovereignty of heaven for 21 births. I will surrender myself to You.” Then, He says, follow through and actually surrender yourself. That is, surrender the intellect to the Father. I no longer think any way I want. Rather, I think, speak, act as per the Father’s directions. I follow shrimat at every step. The more I make Baba my world, the more love I develop for Him; the more love I have for Him, the easier it becomes to surrender.

This study is such that as I move along, Maya attacks me, she tries to drag me back into her world. It has taken me 5000 years to descend from the golden age to the end of the iron age. I now have to make that entire journey back but in this one short birth. I climb from the iron age to the copper age, but then I fall when I am attacked by the storms of Maya. I fall and then climb again. I climb to the copper age, then the silver age and then to the golden age. By studying and embodying this knowledge, my intellect becomes golden aged by the end. When my intellect becomes golden aged, I become one with a right to the kingdom. In other words, in order to attain a kingdom, I definitely have to become pure.

The higher I study, the more my happiness increases. Even in the world, to the extent that I study, I receive a status accordingly. It is the same here, explains Baba. If I only study a little, don’t follow shrimat fully, then I will receive a low status. Check, says Baba, have I reached the copper age? what do I need to do to climb to the silver and golden ages? “Everything“, He points out, “depends on purity.” The more I stay in the fire of remembrance, the quicker I am absolved of all my sins and the purer I become. It takes time for self-sovereignty to be established. And the old world cannot be destroyed until I reach the golden stage. So it is futile to wonder or ask Baba when destruction will take place- that depends on when I become golden aged.

Often, I start the day with the purest thoughts, I want to do everything right, just like Baba would want me to. But then I allow my eyes and ears to deceive me. I see something wrong or hear something I consider as wrong and my thoughts go into overdrive, that is, they become wasteful. Then, my attitude follows and my world changes. Then I say and do wrong things and tell Baba: ‘I didn’t mean to do/say that but I just can’t stand it when someone is dishonest…’ or ‘the mistake they made was just so big that…’ Baba says, “You often have trouble following shrimat when it comes to relationships and connections with others. Children, consider yourselves to be souls, brothers. If there are no bodies, where would your vision go? You have to make this much effort.” When I learn to see the soul, I don’t get caught up in the expansion of the body- roles, relationships, expectations based on those relationships and roles, etc. etc. I realize we are all on a journey and are all working toward the same goal- to become pure, elevated human beings.

There are a good number of souls engaged in this task of becoming pure, soul conscious deities; through our purity, we help God establish the new world. Based on the concept of critical mass, when there are enough of such souls, the power of their purity and positive thought energy will bring about massive transformation in this world, and the old dark iron aged world will give way to a new golden dawn. And perhaps, just maybe, we are where all that’s needed is just one more soul to tip the balance. And it doesn’t have to be someone rich or famous or influential. It doesn’t have to be a saint or a world leader.

It just has to be someone; someone who recognizes the Father for Who He is and realizes the self as His child. Then, my Father is my world and I will have no trouble remembering Him with love and doing as He says; purity will become natural nature.

So the question is: What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul?

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