Become complete beggars

Baba says, “Become complete beggars. If you don’t have anything, you will receive everything.”

To be a beggar means to be someone who doesn’t have anything. I was once wealthy, I was a wealthy master of the world. Then, I fell prey to the five vices which caused me to perform wrong actions and thereby lose all my wealth. No one knows that I was wealthy. In fact, I myself, didn’t remember that I was once wealthy but the Father has now reminded me. It was I who made you into the wealthy master of the world; now, you have lost all your wealth and become poor, He explains. The Father is the Lord of the Poor, He comes to make the poor wealthy again by teaching them Raja Yoga, the study through which I become wealthy again. This is the only study through which I change from an impure human-being, bankrupted by the five vices into a pure and elevated deity, completely viceless. “You have to study this study well”, He teaches. “You have to imbibe these imperishable jewels of knowledge very well and inspire others to imbibe them as well.”

It is only through knowledge that sorrow and poverty can be removed. This is why knowledge is called ‘source of income’.

You children now have to become complete beggars“, says Baba, “you shouldn’t remember anything of the old world.” He is teaching me the true knowledge of changing from ordinary human to Narayan. Everything else that I learnt in the world till now is all false. The world, gripped by the five vices, taught me to live selfishly, everything was about ‘I and mine’. It taught me to hustle for name, fame, respect, position, medals, possessions, and all the rest of the limited desires. Indeed, the world kept me small, and limited in my thinking, and therefore my feelings, vision, words and actions were limited in their nature too. Baba teaches me to go beyond the limited and step into the unlimited. He teaches me to go beyond living for myself– for what I want, I like, I feel, I think- in this old world and step into living for the world. In essence, He teaches me to go beyond the wrong consciousness of the body and step into the right consciousness of the soul. When I remain soul conscious, I am automatically selfless, unlimited, and liberated because that is the innate nature of the soul.

“You souls have to become bodiless. Don’t even consider those bodies to belong to you”, He teaches. Nothing should remain “mine”. The Father explains: “Consider yourselves to be souls. You now have to return home. You have to now become complete beggars. That means no attachment to bodies should remain, it has to be broken.” When I die, the whole world is dead to me – this has to be my goal. Why? because it is now time to go back home. I came bodiless, I have to return bodiless. This is why Baba says, “Transfer all your old bags and baggage etc. Simply become trustees. Baba is also the Stockbroker; He exchanges all your old things for new.” When I give Baba all of the old world, I receive a brand new world. When I give him the old, stone intellect, I receive a new, divine intellect. Similarly, to become respected, He teaches, don’t hustle, learn to give others respect from the heart, learn to put others in front and you will receive respect automatically. To be content, He teaches, let go of expectations of how others ought to be and simply become full of all attainments by taking- from the Father. In fact, I will only take with me the sanskars and so Baba says, take with you the sanskars of soul consciousness, that is, the sanskars of being a pure, elevated deity. For this, I have to study well and imbibe divine virtues.

In the past, on the path of bhakti, Baba was distant; He is now very close. While He is here, practically, I have to belong to Him. I simply say: ‘Baba!’ from the heart. Back then, as a devotee, I used to say: “O God, whatever You have given is all Yours; it is not mine.” Now, I remember the Father and the inheritance and become the master of heaven which is my birthright! From having nothing, I receive everything.

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