Spinner of the discus of self-realization

Baba says, ‘May you be spinners of the discus of self-realization! Everything is included in the expression: “Spinner of the discus of self-realization”.”

People talk about the importance of ‘Self-realization‘ and yet, they don’t know what the ‘self’ means. Self means the soul. People even say that a soul sparkles like a star in the center of the forehead but they simply say it for the sake of it. If souls are stars and incorporeal, surely the Father must also be incorporeal; they ought to look similar. None can be larger or smaller; as is the soul, so the Supreme Soul. He is the Supreme, the Highest-on-High because He resides in the Supreme abode, the highest abode beyond the sun and stars. He is also referred to as Supreme because He is the Ocean – of all virtues, of all powers.

It is the Father who comes and tells me, the soul, that I am like a star. That I am extremely subtle. A soul or the Supreme Soul, for that matter, cannot be seen with these eyes. People beat their heads in hospitals to see a soul, they cannot see it; it is so subtle. Only the bodies that the souls take on to play their parts is visible with these eyes. Bodies have different features, but souls are not different; all are the same. It is just that the part of every soul is different. Bodies are big or small but souls are not bigger or smaller; they are all the same size- a point.

So first, I need to have this faith: I, a soul, am extremely subtle. I am not this gross body. The Father then explains that I, the soul, take 84 births- this is an imperishable, fixed part that is recorded in the soul, the star. I take 84 births and then start from number one again; I play out the same scenes bit to bit again; there can be no change. The Father, the Supreme Soul, is also a soul and so He too has His imperishable, fixed part in Him; there can be no change in it either. Only when I become a Brahma Kumar or Kumari can I know the part of God. Why? Because I can only know the Father’s introduction and His biography through Him and He only speaks through Brahma.

Just as a soul is unable to do anything without organs, in the same way, the incorporeal Father too needs organs. But unlike a soul that receives its own body to play its role, the Supreme Soul does not. He does not take birth through a womb, His is a divine incarnation and He only incarnates once at the end of the cycle, at this auspicious confluence age. He enters an old, impure body and names the one whose body He enters, Brahma. This is why Brahma is referred to as Bhagirath or incorporeal God’s lucky chariot. God, through the mouth of Brahma, explains what the form of a soul is and what the form of the Supreme Soul is. He then also explains the beginning, middle and end of the cycle of time. In this sense, therefore, Brahma becomes the mother but because his is a male body, a female is nominated to be the mother. This soul is named Saraswati; she is not the wife of Brahma as wrongfully indicated in the scriptures; rather, she is the daughter of Brahma, a Brahma Kumari. She too, receives knowledge given by God through the mouth of Brahma and changes from a shudra to a Brahmin. It is said that God placed the urn of nectar on the head of Saraswati, that she was the first to imbibe the knowledge. However, it is worth noting that given God sits next to the soul of Brahma in his body, surely it is Brahma’s ears that are closest to Him. So Brahma is God’s first student.

The Father explains through Brahma: “I do not come to cure anyone’s sickness etc. Your physical illness etc. is the suffering of your karma. You say to Me: O Purifier, knowledge-full One, Ocean of Knowledge, come! Come and purify us! Teach us Raja Yoga. People call out to God. So, where does Krishna come from in between?”, He asks. Not everyone would call Krishna, God, the Father. Children and the Father ought to have resemblance and with most of the world looking nothing like Krishna, he cannot possibly be the Father! In fact, no human being can be called God, the Father. Yes, the soul of Krishna studies the knowledge that the Father gives at this time and become the perfect embodiment of those teachings. He thus becomes the first prince of the new world, God’s most elevated creation. In fact, it is the Krishna soul, into whose body God enters at the end of his last birth; it is Krishna who in his last birth becomes Brahma, God’s chariot. Why does God choose this particular body? But surely, God would definitely need the body of an experienced person! It is Krishna who is the first prince of the new world. It is this soul who experiences 84 births from the beginning to the end.

This is why their praise is also different. God is the Creator and Krishna, His creation. God is the Ocean of Knowledge, knowledge-full One, the Purifier, the Ocean of all Virtues and Krishna is praised as full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees pure, completely viceless, completely righteous and non-violent. This is not just the praise of one soul, it is the praise of all Brahmins who, like Brahma, fully imbibe the teachings of the Father. When Krishna grows up, is wedded to Lakshmi and seated on the world throne, he is called Narayan. Further, Vishnu refers to the combined form of Lakshmi and Narayan. And so, incorporeal God Shiva adopts souls through Brahma, they are called Brahmins. So God creates through Brahma. Then, when Brahma imbibes the knowledge and become Narayan/Vishnu, he, as the emperor of the new world, sustains the creation. Thus, God sustains His creation through Vishnu. Shankar is a representation of the tapasya that Brahma performs at this time- remembrance of the Father and inculcation of the divine virtues – to become Vishnu. As divine virtues are inculcated, the old vicious nature is destroyed. Thus God destroys the old vicious world through Shankar.

And so the Father says: “To say: Trimurti Brahma is wrong, to say Trimurti God Shiva is right.” God Shiva is the Seed of the whole human tree. His creation are called saligrams, Brahma’s creation are called Brahmins. Brahma’s creation isn’t as large as Shiva’s- all souls are His children. He benefits an unlimited number of souls. He establishes heaven through Brahma and then Brahmins go and reside there as deities. No one else can be called residents of heaven, everyone else becomes a resident of Nirvana or the land of peace. The most elevated part is thus of God Shiva because His is the highest service: He takes all souls back with Him. He enables all souls to settle their accounts; makes them pure from impure and takes then back home. I, the soul, am now studying the knowledge from God and making the effort here in order to become pure.

These are all subtle matters that require understanding. Many think ‘seeing is believing’. Anything that cannot be seen is considered false. For instance, they say God doesn’t really exist, that there is no such thing as the golden age. And yet, when things go bad, everyone still looks up at the sky, they remember the Father. Only the Father, the Supreme Soul can enable me to have realization– that I am a soul, that He is my Father and that He is very subtle. Here, I don’t need to see, I simply have to recognize and realize.

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