Become free from repentance by following shrimat

Baba says, “Those who perform actions according to their own dictates have to repent for them in the future; they continue to be unhappy.” 

People on the path of bhakti think that God gives both happiness and sorrow. However, God, the Father, could never give sorrow to His own children!; He only and constantly gives happiness. The Father explains that souls cause sorrow to themselves based on the actions they perform. This drama is created on the basis of karma. Whatever actions I perform, I accordingly receive the fruit of that.

At present, this is an impure, devilish world. As a result of being ruled by the vices, there is no truth anywhere, only falsehoods. People are confused by the many different opinions and directions- in fact, there are as many opinions as there are people! By following these wrong dictates of my own mind or that of others, I have been performing wrong actions for birth after birth after birth for the last half the cycle. As a result, there is a huge burden of sin on my head. This can only be removed through remembrance– of who I really am, of Whose I am and the present time.

I am a pure soul, not the body. That is, I am not the name, title, position, status, roles and relationships. It is by thinking of myself in these wrong ways that I fell prey to the vices of lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego. Along with these main vices, there is then also the progeny – jealousy, bitterness, resentment, desire to take revenge, comparison, desire to win etc. When I allow one vice in, all the others follow; they share an intimate relationship! And when I am operating based on any of these vices, I cannot perform elevated action; my actions become wrong actions.

At this time, God Himself comes and shows me the right path. You are a soul, you are My child, He reminds me, and a child ought to follow the Father’s directions. In fact, it was I who called out to Him: ‘O purifier, come and make us impure ones, pure. Liberate us from sorrow and take us to a place of rest and comfort.” Now that the Father is here, practically, I have to follow His directions alone. His #1 direction is: “Manmanabhav! consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.” This is is the only way and the only time in the cycle to absolve myself of all the sins committed in the past. And while I am busy cleansing myself of past sin, I have to pay attention to not commit new sin by performing wrong actions. And so Baba says, ‘take shrimat at every step. If you don’t understand something, ask the Father.’ He is here, with me, practically at this time. He is my Father, Teacher and Satguru– together, He is the Purifier who has come especially to purify me and transform me from degraded to elevated, from a worshipper to worship-worthy. If there is an illness of any of the vices- lust or anger or jealousy…whatever, “tell the Surgeon everything honestly“, says Baba. Only when I acknowledge I have an issue and see the doctor can I be diagnosed and treated for it.

I only receive treatment, I only receive the Father’s shrimat now, in the whole cycle. This is the only time when I create pure sanskars, based on shrimat. And these sanskars are the only things I can take with me to the rest of the cycle. And so Baba says, ‘it is now or never.‘ It is simply a matter of paying attention to perform only elevated actions at this time, by imbibing shrimat; there should be no repentance for what I have done. When someone falls ill or goes bankrupt, they repent for their actions. Now, by creating sanskars based on shrimat, I become so fortunate that I will never have to repent for any of my actions for 21 births. “This is such a great fruit!“, points out Baba. “Eat, drink and do your work, but just remember Your Father and your inheritance and don’t interfere in anything else. You say that you are impure, so then, you should follow the method the Father shows you to become pure.”

Yes, storms of Maya will come. The illnesses will erupt but I mustn’t become afraid of them, the Father, the Supreme Surgeon, is with me. It is when I fall for Maya’s tricks, that is, when I believe the doubts she sows in my head, that I run away from the Father and thus, betray myself out of my own fortune. He is the only One who can grant me salvation, that is, only He can teach me to live in a way where I will never have to repent, regret or be disappointed. Many children, Baba says, sing: I will sacrifice myself, I will surrender but when it comes to actually doing it, their hearts shrink. They find it hard to let go of the very things that are holding them down- the attachments, the dependencies. This needs incognito effort; it needs courage and faith and the determination to follow shrimat and only shrimat, no matter what. This is how I become the Father’s helper in His task of purification. By following devilish dictates for half a cycle, my boat sank, now God is here to salvage my boat; let me help Him by following His directions. “There should be remembrance of only the One. Surrender yourself to Him. The play is about to end, we now have to return home.”– to stay in this awareness requires practice. It is said: ‘if a soul climbs up, he tastes nectar, but when he falls heavily, he loses his status.’ This doesn’t mean that he will not go to heaven, but, explains Baba, there is a difference between being a king or queen and being a subject. So pay attention and make full effort.

Maya is very powerful, it is her kingdom now. If after belonging to the Father, I disregard Him, then it is as if I die from the Father’s world and go back into Maya’s world. Then, I inevitably repent because Maya doesn’t waste a second in making me perform bad actions. Maybe I do a lot of service but, explains Baba, “your account may have increased by doing service, but by performing wrong, sinful actions, it also goes into loss. Baba has all the accounts.” Now that He is here, teaching me personally, it is as though all the accounts are on the palm of His hand. Baba says, “you have to make full effort to follow Mama and Baba, you have to give your bones in serving the yagya.” I hear this and think that to give my bones only applies to doing lots of service. But purity is first! First and foremost, I serve the yagya by becoming pure on the basis of shrimat. Yes, it can be hard sometimes to do the right thing, but when I remember Who is telling me, it becomes easy to surrender. So Baba says, “practice staying in remembrance. Remember the Father with a lot of love.” The more love I have for the Father, the easier it is to follow.

The destination is high and so is the reward. I have to become the master of the world! I am the child of God Himself and so if I don’t become the master of the world, who will! And so as His child, I have to behave with great royalty. In the world, of some, it is said: “Your father is go good and you are so unworthy! You are losing your father’s honor.” Here, Baba says, each one loses their own honor. A lot of repentance is experienced. And so Baba cautions me with a lot of love: “Study well and claim a high status. Don’t be careless and make mistakes! Don’t cause sorrow for anyone! Stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance! It is remembrance that is useful. It is only through remembrance of the Father will you become pure and attain salvation, that is, you will be free from repentance forever.

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