While living at home, remain pure as a lotus

Baba says, “While living at home, remain as pure as a lotus.”

After experiencing sorrow, hopelessness and suffering for half a cycle, I am now making effort to remain in constant happiness. The Father says: “I show you a direct and straightforward path, it is very easy: Remember Me and remain pure. While living at home with your family, remain pure.” Sannyasis think this to be impossible and so they leave their homes and their families and move to the forest. This is why they can never teach Raja Yoga, the study through which I become a self-sovereign. Through the power of remembrance, I am able to live right where I am, continue to shoulder all my roles and responsibilities and remain pure like a lotus. A lotus lives in the swamp and yet it rises above the mud, doesn’t allow any of the mud to stick to it. Something else about the lotus- it has a vast system of interconnected roots and stems and yet I don’t see it; it is all under water while on the surface is the beautiful flower and the leaves. This is why the lotus is a representation of the family path.

Just like the lotus is loved by all because it is able to remain detached, I too have to live in the same way, teaches the Father. But usually, a wife has a lot of attachment to her husband and children but it is my duty, Baba explains, to become free from that and become a conqueror of attachment. Again, this does not mean I leave my family but rather it means to remove my attachment to the family. I am a soul, everyone else is also a soul and we are all children of the same Father. Sure, we are all playing different roles – wife, husband, children etc. but these are simply roles that I, the soul, the actor is playing; it is not who I am. Who I am is a pure soul, a child of God. When I remain in this awareness, I am able to not get entangled in the expansion of expectations, comparisons, quarrels etc. The Father says: “I simply tell you two things: If you want to claim your full inheritance, definitely become pure and secondly, stay in yoga.”

Maybe I face opposition at home from my spouse or children but when I am free from attachment myself, I will find ways to remain pure and disentangled, no matter what. The opposition is my karmic account but if I have decided that I will remain pure, then no one can stop me and the Father, the Ocean of Help, is bound in the drama to help me. But the principle is: one step of courage from my side first in order to receive thousand-fold help from the Father. I want to remain pure in order to help the Father make Bharat into heaven; through my purity, the whole of Bharat benefits. “This“, Baba points out, “is a matter of claiming an inheritance!” The golden age is a pure world and only those who become pure at the confluence age become the masters of the pure world.

Sometimes, I get clever and ask: “how will everyone in the world remain pure?” Not everyone in the world will come and take knowledge. Let alone the whole world, not even the whole of Bharat will come and take this knowledge and imbibe it. This is a time of settlement for everyone. Everyone has to become pure and go home- some with become pure through yoga, others will settle the hard way. I don’t have to worry about how everyone will remain pure, all I have to decide is how do I want to settle? Those who study easy Raja Yoga will claim their inheritance of peace and happiness because purity is the birthplace of peace and happiness.

Sometimes, mother cry a lot because of opposition at home but, says Baba, nothing is achieved by crying. First, the attachment in the heart has to be broken, then one is able to free themselves from the situation tactfully, with help from Baba. There is just one path for everyone, He says: “Definitely become pure! If they don’t allow you to remain pure, then become independent and occupy yourself in one type of work or another. A clean heart is needed here.” Sometimes, I leave home to escape opposition but the problem was not so much the opposition, it was the sanskar of attachment in me. So then, I come to live at the center and become trapped in familiarity with someone in the Brahmin family. This does not help because my stage only gets worse and I am unable to serve. This is why Baba says, a clean heart is needed first. Here, I don’t wilt and quit the family path like sannyasis do, but rather I make effort to bloom like a lotus.

Not everyone’s karmic bondage is the same though. Some have such a business that they’re unable to earn their livelihood without being corrupt. “You have to ask Baba what to do in every situation and He will advice you according to your situation”, says Baba. Some, for example, have a lot of money and so there is no need for them to commit sin. To them Baba says, “sit peacefully and earn the income through yoga. Put aside the complications of business and engage yourself in Godly service.” The example of the lotus applies here too. Some have anger in them and continue to prick others and cause sorrow through their words and actions. Baba says, “like the lotus, while living at home, you have remain very sweet with one another. Otherwise you defame Baba’s name. Those who defame the name of the Satguru cannot claim a high status.” If I behave in ways that cause sorrow to another, then I become an instrument to drive them away from the Father because they wonder: “Are the children of God’s clam like this?”

No matter what the karmic bondage is, the key to being able to live like a lotus in this world is remembrance. “Wake up early in the morning and remember Baba“, He says: “Baba, You are so sweet! You are making me into the king of kings, the master of heaven. I will definitely follow your shrimat and remain pure.” No one in the world is as fortunate as I am– this is something I have to realize and remain in this intoxication throughout the day. Even while going about my business, “Baba, You have worked wonders! You are giving me the sovereignty of heaven for half a cycle! I will surrender myself to You completely. I will only follow Your shrimat.” For however long I stay in remembrance, the effect of that will last throughout the day. Baba says, “Some of you may be working and have to do eight hours of that service. For the rest of the time, stay in remembrance. Do My service for at least eight hours. Remember the Father. Spin the discus of self-realization.

My Father is here now and He is creating heaven and so I should definitely receive the inheritance of heaven! For not one or two births, but for half a cycle, I sat on the pyre of lust, anger, attachment, greed, ego and their entire progeny. As a result, I was burnt down to a charcoal and became ugly. The Father is the only One who is beautiful at this time. In fact, He is the Beautiful Traveler who has come from the faraway land to make me beautiful again. He seats me on the pyre of knowledge and yoga and enables me to claim my inheritance of purity, peace, happiness and prosperity again. He changes me from ugly into a beautiful princess, an angel of knowledge. His message to everyone is simple and clear: “While living at home, remain as pure as a lotus and claim your inheritance from the Father.

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