Make crooked paths straight

Baba says, “with your intoxication of fullness, even a crooked path will become straight.”

Father Brahma’s many specialties, His first specialty or first step of courage was of complete surrender to the Father. Because of this surrender, his intellect was always light; he didn’t carry any burden on his intellect. His mind was carefree and his face always showed him to be a carefree emperor. And yet, no one had to face as many tests or as much opposition as Father Brahma did. At one point there were 350 children and no flour at home to feed them! Even under such circumstances, he remained cheerful and unshakeable. “This is the Father’s responsibility, not mine. I belong to the Father and the children also belong to the Father. I am just an instrument.”– only a soul with a fully surrendered mind and intellect could remain this unshakeable. He did not use his intellect, thinking: “I don’t know what’s going to happen! Will the children starve? Will this happen or that happen?” He clearly had a margin for such waste thoughts and doubts but he still only chose to only have powerful thoughts. “The Father is the Protector and the Benefactor, He will take care!” This was His attitude based on His faith in who he is and Whom he belonged to. Of course, where there is faith, there is victory and so indeed, the flour came and children were fed on time. This is known as not having questions, this is known as not taking the crooked path of questions but always putting the full-stop of benefit. Full-stop! With this method, the path becomes straight, it becomes easy and I attain success.

Baba says, “Check yourself, like Father Brahma, to what extent do I consider myself to be fortunate? How much happiness do I have? Have I claimed my full inheritance from the Father?” When I am surrendered to the Father, then my intellect is full of all treasures of the Father, it does not allow waste to enter. I have no questions or doubts or complaints, I simply am intoxicated with who I am and Whom I belong to. I have no worries or fear or anxiety, I am an easy yogi.

In fact, to be an easy yogi means that I always take the straight path, never get lost in the crooked paths of ‘why?’, ‘what?’, ‘how?’ or ‘when?’. Even if a situation as high as the Himalayas comes, I am on the basis of unshakeable faith and the Father’s shrimat, fly above the mountain and get to the other side. I don’t run into the mountain, bang my head against it or try to fly above but come down and land in a river or in a forest! Unshakeable faith means at no point do I allow any doubts or fear to shake me; my Father is the Almighty Authority. I have given my life to Him and He is responsible. This intoxication allows me to easily fly over the highest mountain. To cry out or call out: ‘Baba, take me away from here! Baba, save me!” does not show faith; it shows instead that I’ve allowed fear to come in and am on on a crooked path. The confluence age is when I belong to God, practically. This is the age of being full of attainment and flying high, not the age of calling out. The age of calling out has passed- that was the copper and iron age. Now, I am becoming full of attainment and going into the golden age as a self-sovereign. “To straighten a crooked path means to change the iron age into the golden age. This is your contract. You cannot say: What can I do if the path is crooked? To fall down or sprain your ankle while walking along the path indicates a lack of attention.“, teaches Baba.

When I make myself belong to the Father completely and become the child, I automatically become an easy yogi. I experience supersensuous joy, and happiness at every step. I have no worries, no responsibilities, everything belongs to the Father. My duty is to only do as I am told, that is, simply follow His directions. While moving along if I mix the dictates of my own mind and dictates of others with shrimat, then this is called spraining the ankle of the intellect. For example, the Father’s shrimat is: “don’t give sorrow or take sorrow.” Often, I remember the 1st part and forget the 2nd part of this direction. The moment someone says or does something hurtful, I take offense, I take sorrow. Then, even if I don’t say anything hurtful back to them, my mind goes into overdrive: ‘Why did they do this to me?’, ‘how can they behave this way?’, ‘is this what I have to put up with?’, ‘how come they get away by not following Baba’s shrimat?’ etc. This is how I wander off the straight and clear path onto the crooked path. I lose a lot of time, lose all my powers, lose a lot of breath- that is, I lose my treasures, I become empty and fall. “To become empty is the way to fall“, explains Baba. Instead of being full and powerful, I become weak and empty. I then complain to Baba that the path was crooked! But, says Baba, it is you who made the straight path crooked when in fact, your contract is to make crooked paths straight. This is why I have all the powers from the Father- in order to straighten out that which is crooked. No matter what someone is like, how they behave, I have the power of tolerance and love from the Father. My job is to hone these powers such that no matter what happens, I am ever-ready. I don’t lose my stage, my inheritance of peace and happiness which is my birthright by wandering off track. I remain unshakeable in any situation.

“You have taken the contract to create heaven, haven’t you?”, asks Baba. “You have taken the contract to make level that which is uneven. Those who take such contracts cannot say that the path is uneven. To fall suddenly is due to a lack of attention. Now, remain constantly full of the treasures of powers, virtues, knowledge and happiness. Then, with your intoxication of fullness, even a crooked path will become straight.”

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