Become merged in God’s love

Baba says, “To be merged in God’s love means to be immersed and those who are immersed are Maya-proof.” 

True love means that there is no separation between the two, neither physically nor in the mind. The two cannot be separated nor can anyone separate them. Even if the souls of the entire world, the millions of souls, or if matter, Maya or any situation tried to separate me, none of them would have the power to separate me from this meeting with God. This is Baba’s definition of true love! Those who try to finish this love may themselves finish, He challenges, but the love can never finish!

So“, He asks, “are you such a strong and true lover?” Well, am I?

Baba’s opinion: “You do have love, no doubt”, He acknowledges, “but don’t just stop at this, become merged in love.” No one has the courage to come close or to oppose souls who are merged in love, He explains. When I am merged in love, no one’s attraction can attract me. Just as the power of science takes human beings away from the attraction of the earth into space, in the same way, the stage of being merged in love, Baba explains, takes me very far away from all limited attractions. On the other hand, if I am not merged in love, there can be fluctuations. If asked if I love the Father, I would of course say, “Yes!” but, asks Baba, “do you constantly remain merged in love?” Would I respond with a “Yes” to that too?

Even on the path of bhakti, devotees consider the stage of being merged to be very elevated but they misunderstand what that means. When I tell them that I am studying to claim liberation-in-life, they think: “O, you are going to come back into the cycle but I will be liberated from the cycle and become merged.” But God comes and clarifies that no one, not even Him, can be permanently liberated from the cycle; everyone has to come back and play their parts. And to become merged means to be merged in love with the One which liberates me from all bondages. This is the true reason why this stage of being merged is so elevated. To be merged means to be immersed, it means to become one with the One in love.

Devotees think they, that is the soul, will merge into the Supreme Soul but that is not possible; not only is it not possible but it makes no sense for the child to merge into the Father, explains Baba. I cannot merge into the Father but I can certainly become equal to the Father. In their stage of being merged, neither is there any experience, nor is there attainment, whereas I have both. While they are trying to attain an impossible stage, I am already experiencing the true stage of being merged. When I am merged in love, when I become lost in love, I don’t remember anything else- I experience the Father and I to be equal. There is nothing except the Father, and so from two, I become one. “So“, He asks again, “do you have this experience?”

Sometimes, I become merged in love when I am sitting down to remember Baba but when I come into action, the connection tends to drop. I find it hard to perform action and remain merged at the same time. Baba says, “someone who is a karma yogi can actually receive extra help while performing actions because of having the Father’s company. Because from one, there are now two and so the work is shared!” It is my hands doing the task but when there is help from the Father, it is as though there is double force and the task gets accomplished easily, effortlessly and in no time. No matter how difficult the task might be, the Father helps by giving me zeal and enthusiasm, as well as courage and the power to be tireless. He doesn’t work with hands but He gives me help. “The Father and I”, with this love, I don’t find anything difficult or tiring. Love means everything is forgotten: “How will it happen?”, “what will happen?”, “will it be right or not?” I forget all that. Everything is already accomplished. When I am an instrument of God, where I have Godly courage, where I receive God’s help, my thoughts are very different: “Nothing new!”, “Victory is my birthright, it is guaranteed!”, “Success is definite”. “This, is the experience of true lovers“, says Baba, “so don’t think that it isn’t possible to experience the stage of being merged in love in the life of a karma yogi.

I only receive such love now during this one birth. God’s love at this time creates the reward of a life full of love for many births. And so I have to attain God’s love now, the time to sow the seed is now. “This time therefore has so much importance“, emphasizes Baba. This effort to become merged in the love of the One is easy, He says, but, He cautions, don’t get careless in the name of easy effort.

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