Become a spinner of the discus of self-realization

Baba says, “claim your inheritance of constant happiness of heaven and your fortune of the kingdom by becoming spinners of the discus of self-realization.” 

This is the world of sorrow because it is the world of Ravan or the five vices. Every day, there is something new for people in the world to be sorrowful about- an illness, financial trouble, a child on the wrong course, a betrayal by someone close, a corrupt authority, lack of opportunity, etc. This prompts them to ask questions: ‘why me?’, ‘what will I do now?’, ‘when will this get better?’, ‘how can they behave this way?’, ‘why am I not receiving co-operation’, ‘Has God forgotten about me?’, ‘why am I not mentioned or given regard?’ or conclude: ‘this is just my lot in life, just my karma!’, ‘O God, I’ve had enough. Liberate me from this cycle.’ People think about becoming free from the sorrow, from this endless spinning of questions for which they receive no answers. They are fed up and so they want to come out of the world cycle altogether and receive permanent liberation. But God comes and clarifies that there cannot be permanent liberation from the cycle. This is a world stage and every soul is an actor in this unlimited drama which repeats every cycle. As the drama repeats, everyone’s part repeats, no one can be replaced and no part can be changed.

So then, is it going to be this way every cycle? Do I have to experience this sorrow every cycle? That’s up to me! God explains that it is possible to play a part in the world cycle while being liberated from the spinning of the many types of sorrow. I don’t have to quit the cycle to feel liberated, I can be in the cycle, and play my part in the way God teaches me and experience liberation. So really, this is the best of both worlds- I have liberation and life!, that is, liberation-in-life (jeevanmukti). In fact, emphasizes Baba, liberation in life is our birthright! How do I claim this birthright? by becoming a spinner of the discus of self-realization. When I spin this discus, I become liberated from all other types of wasteful spinning that binds me into bondage, that deceives me and takes away my peace, happiness and contentment.

To be a spinner of the discus of self-realization means to know the different parts I play throughout the cycle. I am a special soul that plays a hero part throughout the cycle. “Do you keep your part from the beginning to the end in your awareness?“, asks Baba. If I do, then I will never have the wasteful spinning of questions and negative thoughts. I will never ask ‘why me?’, ‘why is this happening?’ or say: ‘this is just my lot in life.’ This is my last birth in the whole cycle and so what was new has now become old. Like a new house that becomes old, there are a few leaky faucets, some broken tiles, a damp roof etc. but that’s how the cycle works! Anything new must become old and then new again. But when I don’t have the cycle in my awareness, I only look at the present, these few isolated scenes of the drama and conclude that the whole story is bad! No, this isn’t my lot in life…these are just a few scenes in a long cycle that has been nothing short of wonderful, brilliant, and beyond my imagination! When I spin the discus and keep my whole part in my awareness, it changes my perspective. When that thought of ‘why’ or ‘what’ or ‘this is just..’ comes, the discus cuts off its head, that is, nips the thought in the bud and enables me to maintain my peace and dignity. It enables me to remain free from wasteful spinning and stay liberated in life.

Whenever I get trapped in any type of spinning through my body, mind, wealth, people or relations, the reason for that is that I let go of the discus of self-realization. The discus is always shown above one finger. They don’t show it above five fingers or two fingers. One finger means just one thought: I belong to the Father and the Father belongs to me. The discus of self-realization spins on the finger of this one thought. “When you let go of One and become caught up in many thoughts, you get trapped in many types of spinning”, explains Baba. Also, a spinner of the discus would be visible as someone with a canopy of light or a halo of light. To have this halo means that I am free from the various types of spinning of Maya- of the awareness of the body, of the lokik and alokik relations, of nature and sanskars of many births as well as the of any limited attractions. The halo thus signifies purity, lightness, contentment. On the other hand, one who is a spinner of the discus of Maya would be depicted as someone with a burden of many types of obstacles on their head, that is, they would experience a constant burden on their intellect. They would constantly be in debt and ill. Their face and forehead would always have a question mark. Their intellect would not be stable even for a second, that is, they would not be able to put a full-stop. In their thoughts and deeds, they won’t be able to let the past simply be the past and have the awareness of ‘nothing new’ nor would they have the awareness that everything that happens is beneficial. “Which kind of soul would you prefer to be?“, asks Baba, “one who spins the discus of self-realization or one who spins the discus of the various forms of Maya?” One wears the crown of sovereignty, the other carries a basket of burdens.

In the images, they show Vishnu– the combined form of Lakshmi and Narayan- as the spinner of the discus of self-realization but the deities are not trikaldarshi, that is, they don’t have the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the drama. Only Brahmins have this knowledge, now, at this auspicious confluence of the cycles. Baba has told me the horoscope of all my births, of all 5000 years. And so Lakshmi and Narayan were spinners of the discus of self-realization in their previous birth, that is, at this time. And it is because they were spinners of this discus that they were able to claim the right to become the rulers of the globe and receive the fortune of the kingdom in the future. “So“, says Baba, “while living at home and doing everything for your livelihood, claim your inheritance of constant happiness of heaven and your fortune of the kingdom by becoming spinners of the discus of self-realization.

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