The return of saying “my Baba” from the heart

Baba says, “Once the children recognize the Father and from their heart say, “My Baba”, BapDada looks at such children with spiritual love as a multimillion fold return.”

BapDada loves each child more than the next. This is the first thing to know deeply in my bones. Nothing can take this love away from me. This is my birthright. Even though we are all numberwise in becoming conquerors of Maya, it has nothing to do with how much BapDada loves me. He doesn’t ration His love based on how much I was able to conquer Maya; He loves me unconditionally and it is this unconditional acceptance that enables me to get better and better at becoming that conqueror of Maya. I never give up because He never gives up; I don’t stop making effort because He never stops making effort. And what used to take me years to get over came down to weeks to now, it takes me a couple days. That’s still too long to be separated from my happiness but I keep on getting better.

You may not yet have conquered Maya but you have recognized the Father and said “my Baba”, even once, from your heart. Therefore, BapDada, also looks at such children with multi-millionfold spiritual love, with the vision that you are His children and are special souls.” Sure, no father enjoys watching his children repeatedly make the same mistakes, get into the same messes, hurt themselves and others. But the Father looks at my heart- He sees that I want nothing more than to do the right thing, I want nothing more than to please the Father, to be like He wants me to be. It is a process and He is here to work with me on it. But at no point along this process should I ever allow Maya to make me believe that BapDada is disappointed in me or that He doesn’t love me anymore. He loves me more than life itself! Let me get this as deep into my heart as I can. I belong to Him and He belongs to me. This spiritual consciousness of “mine”, of “my Baba” fills me with power to dust myself off and go at it again.

BapDada doesn’t need to give blessings through His mouth because words of the mouth are secondary, whereas the thought of love is powerful and also enables me to experience the number one attainment. With this subtle thought of love, BapDada, in the form of both Mother and Father, is sustaining each one of His children. In worldly life too, parents continue to sustain their dearly beloved children with many powerful things in an incognito way. I tend to refer to this as ‘special hospitality or special love‘. In the same way, BapDada also sits in the subtle region and gives special hospitality. He calls me during Amritvela in front of Him in the subtle angelic form and gives me the special hospitality of filling me with all the powers I need to be a conqueror of Maya. One is to attain power through my own effort and another is to receive special hospitality in the form of the sustenance of love from the Mother and the Father. But I can only receive this when I answer His call and go before Him as the child with all rights. Maya will fall over herself to try to make me not answer that call; She will try to make me shrink back, feel like a failure, a loser, and everything else. To be victorious is to ignore that whole stuff and proceed boldly to BapDada and take His lap.

Mother Brahma cannot stay in the subtle region without the splendor and sparkle of the children“, says Baba, “He has spiritual motherly attachment“. With subtle love, Baba invokes the special group of children just as in the sakar days, Baba was known to invite special groups and feed them with His hands and also entertain them. That sanskar of love is even now continuing in a practical way. “For you children to have this experience, you just need to become equal to the Father in the angelic form“, He explains. At amritvela, Mother Brahma especially calls out to you, saying, “Come child, come child”, and feeds you the nourishment of special powers. I simply have to heed that call and take the lap of the Mother.

In fact, say the Mother and Father, you don’t even need the invitation; whenever you are free, just come to the subtle region! Don’t go in the mud at the sea-side. Come to the shores of the Ocean of Knowledge. Then, He explains, I will experience a lot of attainment and at no expense! Experience the love of the Father, the love of the Mother, have a picnic and also play games. However, He points out, again, you will need to come in the airplane of your intellect- it is ever-ready, isn’t it?, He asks. Just start the switch of thoughts and you will arrive here. But sometimes, He points out, the airplane doesn’t start and sometimes, you run out of petrol and turn back mid way. This is what Maya does- making me believe that I don’t deserve to be with the Father because surely, He wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me after what I did yesterday! Otherwise, Baba says, it shouldn’t take you more than a second to arrive here. All you need, He explains, is double-refined petrol. What is this? One is the faith of being incorporeal: “I am a soul, not this role I am playing. I am a pure soul, a child of the Father.” In my role, sure, I mess up sometimes, but it is not who I am, it is what I do as an actor. What I am, is a pure soul, beloved by the Mother and Father. Two, the intoxication of all relationships with the Father in the corporeal form. Not just Father and child, but I should practice experiencing the sweetness of all relationships with the Father in the corporeal form, while walking and moving around. Then, I become a constant and easy yogi, always with the Father experiencing His special hospitality, His special love, just for me, and that experience gives me the power to become a conqueror of Maya.

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