Receive the sovereignty of heaven by following shrimat

Baba says, “When the Father comes, the directions He gives to you children are knowledge and, you receive the sovereignty of heaven by following them.”

Every father who is coming to meet his children after a long time away, brings a gift. Mine, brings me heaven on the palm of His hand! Nothing less for My children!, He says. So I get heaven simply as a gift, without even having to lift a finger, simply as my birthright. But how much I enjoy my gift depends on how well I follow instructions or the directions of use.

Lucky me! It just so happens that my Father is also the Manufacturer of Heaven and so He knows it inside and out! He has all the instructions! “Baba who makes you into the masters of heaven and masters of the world is teaching you.”, He reminds me. He teaches everyone the same knowledge; His directions are the knowledge. But depending on how well I follow them, I may end up experiencing my gift simply from the perspective of a subject or I might experience it from the perspective of a sovereign. The choice is mine.

Brahma Baba shares with the children, the choice he made. He would wake up early each morning and have a sweet conversation with the Father: “Baba, it is Your wonder! I never even dreamt that You would make me into a master of heaven! Baba, I will definitely follow Your teachings. I will not perform any sinful actions.

Sometimes, children become overwhelmed and having been defeated by the same sanskar for the 51st time, I say to Baba: “How much longer Baba?, Help me out here!” Baba says, “Make your own effort, don’t ask for mercy. The more you remember the Father, the more benefit there is. As much as possible, do everything with the power of yoga.” It isn’t that the Father doesn’t help; in fact, He is already helping me. That’s how I know when I make a mistake! Before coming to Baba, I was living blissfully in ignorance without even realizing I was wrong. Now, the Father not just shows me every nuance but He also pre-equips me with the power I need to never do that wrong again. Yes, it takes effort. Simply understanding a sanskar doesn’t mean I can overcome it! It takes a Removal Expert, the Purifier. He is God, the Ocean of Love, the Most Beloved. The Father’s love is the only alchemy that can heal past wounds and transform the toughest sanskars, change iron into pure gold. He is extremely lovely but He is incognito.

Brahma Baba shares his effort by saying: “Your love for the Father has to be such, don’t even ask! You children have to hide the Father in your eyelids. ‘Eyelids’ doesn’t mean physical eyelids, it is a matter of remembering with the intellect. He serves you children so much, altruistically. He enters an impure body and makes you children become like diamonds. Baba is so sweet! So, you children have to become like that too. Baba serves you children while being so egoless. So, you children should do just as much service. You have to follow Shrimat.

Sometimes, I listen to a particular direction, especially if it’s one I disagree with and think: “that’s got to be Father Brahma speaking; surely, that couldn’t be God!” Baba says, “Always consider it to be Shiv Baba giving directions through this one.” Brahma is Shiv Baba’s first angel, His number one instrument; surely, he knows what he is talking about when he says something. This is why, even Brahma’s directions are well-known. In any case, when I have the faith that the direction I receive is from God, then He become responsible. Even if the direction does happen to be wrong for me, God will ensure that I am not hurt by it or that I don’t experience a loss. There is victory in having faith. If I doubt whose direction it is at every step then, I will live confused and have very little yoga.

The Father’s #1 direction is: “Sweet children, constantly remember Me alone! Forget all your relations including that with your own body.” Often I am happy living my life on my own terms and when things inevitably go wrong, then, I run to Baba. But God cannot take my problems without taking me first! Unless I surrender my will to Him completely, that is, unless I have a surrendered intellect, He cannot help me address the root causes of my mistakes, of my sorrow, of my suffering. How so? because I won’t listen. He is not a fairy or a genie to wave a magic wand to fix my issues and disappear until summoned again!, He is my Father! He fixes by teaching. But surrender feels heavy to many and it makes their hearts shrink. Baba says, “I won’t take your money or your family or your house. I don’t even ask that you take care of Me as your physical father would. Simply become trustees.” Everything that Baba has is for the children, He takes nothing from the children, He is the one who Bestows. To be a trustee means that I keep and use everything but as per directions. Baba simply gives me directions on how to use everything the right way, how to take care of my family the right way, how to be more loving in my relationships etc. He liberates me from the attachment and teaches me to actually enjoy what I have.

And sure, due to half a cycle worth of wrong conditioning, certain shrimat can feel like going against the tide, it can feel hard to follow- forgive that person who betrayed me!?, let go of that promotion!?, have a good attitude even when nothing seems to be working!?, give others respect even when they clearly don’t deserve it!? Ravan has taught me to live selfishly to the hilt. He has taught me to put me and my interests, my feelings first before anything or anyone else. Baba teaches me to live selflessly, to live for world benefit. And it feels like I’m dying a little every time I do something Baba asks. Indeed, there is dying involved! But this is a good death; a temporarily painful but extremely healthy death! It is the ego that is dying, not me!, the body consciousness is dying, the false me is dying, and the real me is emerging! “Baba gives directions, but you should put them into practice.“, He points out. To do it afraid, to do it when it feels too hard to do, to do it when every cell in my body thinks it’s unfair, to do it just because it is my Father who is telling me to do it….this, is what gets me the full experience of the gift the Father brings me.

Baba says, “Sweetest children, constantly remember Me alone. Even by mistake don’t remember anyone else except the Father. You have promised: Baba, You alone are mine! I have to claim my inheritance from You. I am learning Raja Yoga from You from which I will, like Father Brahma, claim the full fortune of the kingdom.”

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