Imbibe the jewels of knowledge and donate to others

Baba says, “Make unhappy people happy. Let the vessels of your intellect imbibe the imperishable jewels of knowledge and donate them to others.”

For half a cycle, the people of Bharat call out: “O Purifier, O One who reforms everything that has gone wrong, come!” The unlimited Father who is the Purifier comes explains to the people of Bharat: “It is Ravan or the five vices that has made everything go wrong. Through this, you have become corrupt in your religion and actions.” He explains to me the history and geography of the world. In the beginning, long long time ago, 5000 years ago, there was only one religion, He explains; it was the original eternal deity religion which was most elevated. The very name is deity religion which implies that those who belonged to this religion were deities! It was one kingdom, one religion, one language. The kingdom was ruled by Lakshmi and Narayan, the most elevated beings on earth.

Then, having taken birth after birth, those same deities forgot who they are, and fell prey to Ravan or the five vices who bankrupted them of their kingdom. When they lost all their purity to the vices, they also lost their peace, happiness and contentment. But the basis of all of this was – forgetting who they are, that is, forgetting the knowledge and becoming clouded in ignorance.

The unlimited Father comes once, at the end of the cycle to re-establish that same kingdom again. He does so by reminding me of the same knowledge that I had forgotten – who I am, Whose child I am and the history and geography of the world. A physical father cannot explain this knowledge to me, he cannot answer these questions; in fact, no worldly teacher or guru can either. Only the One unlimited Father can. A physical father may give me physical wealth to ensure my temporary happiness but it is only God, the Innocent Lord, who puts right that which has been spoilt. Every cycle, He is the One who puts right that which has been spoilt and He is the One who grants salvation and liberation to all.

Impure ones are said to be those who have become spoilt. Through the Father, I now realize how my fortune was spoilt. The customs and systems of the world at present are those of Ravan; God comes and teaches me new customs and systems. Everyone says that they want the kingdom of Rama, where there isn’t even name or trace of sorrow. So they continue to burn effigies of Ravan every year but they don’t understand that Ravan is inside each of them. They also don’t know how the One who puts everything right comes and reforms everything. If they did, they would engage! His knowledge is the shrimat or the elevated directions which when followed returns me and Bharat to our original glory. We go from being impure to pure, degraded to elevated; as I change from beggar to prince, Bharat changes from hell to heaven. “You definitely have to make effort“, says the Father, “according to the effort you make, you reform yourselves.” In fact, each Brahma Kumar and Kumari, every brother and sister who has received the knowledge from the Father, is engaged in this exact task of putting everything right, based on shrimat.

But there are no Brahma Kumars and Kumaris without Brahma. “You definitely have to write ‘Prajapita Brahma’ in front of Brahma Kumars and Kumaris.“, teaches Baba. By writing Prajapita, it is proved that he is the father. Many people in the world say, “Brahma is God! He is a resident of the subtle region, but you have made a human being Brahma…” But, explains Baba, Prajapita, as the name suggests, would definitely exist here, where there is praja! Why would he be somewhere else? The thing is that they confuse Adi Dev and Prajapita. Prajapita would definitely exist here; Adi Dev is then subtle Brahma who is shown in the subtle region. Adi means the first one. Prajapita Brahma studies the knowledge from the Father here and becomes Adi Dev, the first deity. Saraswati too is Prajapita Brahma’s daughter, a Brahma Kumari. Surely, the creator would need to be here! He cannot have a daughter in the subtle region!

Its one thing to have all the knowledge but together with that, I also need to have good manners so that everyone who sees me becomes happy, teaches Baba. To have good manners is a sign of the inculcation of the knowledge I have received. The Father is called Rup and Basant. He is first Rup, the embodiment of the knowledge and then He is also Basant, because He donates the knowledge. I too have to be the same. I too must imbibe the knowledge I am given and then shower it over the thirsty souls in the world. “Only imperishable jewels of knowledge should constantly emerge from your mouth. You must have sweet manners.”, teaches Baba. If I continue to throw stones, then I cause myself harm first before I cause it to others. Not just that, but I defame the Father’s name. He is the Ocean of Knowledge; this is also the business of you children, He explains.

Donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge“, says the Father. By throwing stones at one another, your very intellects have turned to stone. Your intellects are now once again becoming golden from iron. So stop throwing stones! If anyone tells me wrong things and most will!, Baba says, consider that person to be your enemy. To gossip or listen to gossip is to do business with stones rather than jewels. Never keep the company or listen to such ones, cautions Baba. Many people criticize, judge and defame others; they rarely ever say anything that benefits the self or others. Baba always says: “Continue to donate jewels of knowledge. Tell others only that which Baba tells you. You children will then surely receive the return of service.” You have to follow shrimat and benefit yourselves, He explains. Don’t defame anyone.

I have a huge responsibility, He reminds me. The kingdom is now being established. The garden of flowers is being established at this time. The Father has come especially to change me from a thorn into a flower and so this is also my business, my responsibility. The Father is teaching me this business. Therefore, this is a factory for changing human beings into deities, thorns into flowers. The knowledge I receive from the Father, that is, His shrimat, is the material with which I change from human into deity. “So study this art. Continue to put right that which has gone wrong“, He teaches. “Make those with stone intellects into those with divine intellects. This is your Godly missionary!” Just as there are missionaries that convert people into their religion, so too, this is the Godly missionary to purify impure beings. People remember the Purifier, therefore, He must definitely have come and started a missionary which was how impure ones became pure! Ravan too has his missionary that has, for the last half cycle, made pure ones impure! whereas, this is Rama’s missionary to make impure ones pure.

The main thing is yoga or remembrance. I lost when I forgot; I claim when I once again remember that which God is reminding me of. It is truly just the one Father who puts right that which has gone wrong. In the golden age, I won’t call out: “One who puts right that which has gone wrong, come!” Here, my fortune has been ruined by Ravan. The whole world has been eclipsed by the five vices. The whole world has become ugly. The Father now says: “Make a donation and the eclipse will be removed. You have to conquer Maya, Ravan with the power of yoga. Simply consider yourself a pure soul and remember Me, your Father. When the Father is remembered, the inheritance is automatically remembered.” In the world, they have a different father, a different teacher and then a different guru. Here, the Father Himself becomes my Teacher and Satguru. They all give me the same directions, the same shrimat, there is no confusion as to whom to follow. The Satguru will take all souls in the world back home, to the land of liberation. Everyone who recognizes the Father in His ordinary form will also go to heaven, to the land of liberation-in-life. But how long will I be in that land of liberation-in-life for, how much and from what perspective (sovereign, subject) will I experience it depends on the effort I make now. To the extent that I imbibe the jewels of knowledge and inspire others to do the same, I will become liberated in life here and that sanskar of a long time will enable me to experience heaven for a long time.

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