Father Brahma’s will

Baba says, “Father Brahma willed all the powers to the children at the last moment, and this task is being carried out with that will.”

The day of 18th January 1969, is a very special day because this was the day when the Sun and the moon became the backbone of the lucky stars of the earth. In the beginning of the establishment of the yagya, Father Brahma surrendered everything to the children, that is, he willed everything. In the same way, on this day, Father Brahma willed all his spiritual property, his powers to the children, that is, he gave them willpower. On this day, through the eyes and thoughts, Baba gave the special gift of “Son shows Father“. On this day, the Father showed in a practical way the part of being Karavanhar in a corporeal form and Father Brahma also became the companion of the Karavanhaar Father in a practical way; he made the children karanhar and became karavanhar, the mother and the father, the companion of the children. On this day, Father Brahma transformed his method and speed of doing service; from being in a corporeal body, he especially adopted a subtle angelic form and became a resident of the region high above, the subtle region.

What was the reason for this in the drama? In order to elevate the children very high quickly; in order to make the children fly in their angelic form. This is a day of such great importance!, explains BapDada. It isn’t just a day of love, but a day for the transformation of souls of the world, of Brahmin souls and for the transformation of the speed of doing service, which is fixed in the drama and which is for everyone to visibly see. Baba became the intellect of the wise for the souls of the world. Intellects were transformed and those who were in connection became co-operative. Using elevated thoughts, expansion of Brahmin souls quickly took place. With the gift of “Son shows the Father”, service at a fast speed began to be done. This gift became a lift for serving. Transformation took place!

In the same way, when I follow the father and will all my powers that I have received from him to the souls of the world. Then, service will continue to be accomplished according to the time, says BapDada.

Up to now, for example, maybe we’ve been organizing programs with our own minds, bodies and efforts. I prepare the stage, I print the invitation cards and invite one VIP or another; I make effort to make the people from the radio and television co-operative. I also use my own money. However, as children go further, Baba says, we ourselves will become the VIPs. Other people will invite the children onto their prepared stage. They themselves will offer their services; their minds, bodies and finance. They will request you to come. You won’t need to make effort, they will request you to go to them, He explains. Only then will the sound of revelation be heard loudly and everyone’s attention will be drawn to the Father through the children. This time will not last long, explains Baba. For everyone’s vision to go to the Father means that revelation is taking place and that the bells of victory will ring everywhere. This is a subtle secret created in the drama. After revelation, many souls will repent. Because the Father cannot bear to see the children’s repentance, transformation will therefore take place quickly.

At the moment“, Baba says, “the stage of you children is being made elevated for all time. Your elevated stage will enable you to receive invitations to go onto the service stage, and you will play your parts of victory on that unlimited stage of the world. So transformation will take place.”

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