Become a bestower of happiness

Baba says, “Give everyone happiness in the same way as the Father does and become a bestower of happiness.”

To become a bestower of happiness, I need to have a full stock of happiness within me. Purity is the mother of peace and happiness. Purity is what keeps me safe from the many attractions of Maya. Then, I am constantly happy. So if I experience even the slightest wave of sorrow during the day, the seed of that is some form of impurity, explains Baba. When I am someone that is constantly happy, I only have one thought in my awareness: I have attained that which I wanted to attain; there is nothing left to attain. The sign of such an ever-happy soul who remains stable in such a thought would be that they constantly continue to donate happiness to all souls through their thoughts, words and deeds. They would always be removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness, the same as the Father, to any soul and constantly experience themselves to be emperors of the land free from sorrow.

In fact, an emperor means a bestower. Without being a bestower, I cannot become an emperor.

Through the vibration of every thought of a soul who remains happy in this way, through their spiritual glance of one second, through one second’s connection and through one word, any unhappy soul who is experiencing sorrow would experience themselves to be happy and joyful. The duty of such a soul would be to give happiness and receive happiness. Just as people are happy upon seeing their worthy king, in the same way, no matter how much sorrow a soul would be experiencing, on seeing an ever-healthy, wealthy and happy soul, that soul would experience happiness. A soul without attainment would begin to swing with happiness on seeing a bestower. “Do you experience yourself to be like this?“, asks Baba. “Are you the children of the Bestower, the same as the Bestower, the same as the Father, or are you like devotees who take? Or, do your receiving and giving take place simultaneously?

I have to be good at both receiving as well as giving. Unless I receive, I cannot fill myself and give to others. The treasures are for distributing and for world benefit, teaches Baba. Father Brahma was a number one donor and bestower. He didn’t just donate his physical assets but he also donated his spiritual treasures. His peace was in the children’s peace and so even when there was opposition, even when someone became a traitor and defamed him, he only gave peace and forgiveness. He never came into upheaval himself, not even in thought. He was full and so he was able to give. Similarly, his happiness was in the children’s happiness and so he constantly fed them the nourishment of happiness. To give physical wealth, many in the world do this. But Father Brahma willed his subtle property to the children as well. At every second, as well as being those who receive, also be the bestowers who give because only then would you be called world benefactors, explains Baba.

Even the power of science, Baba points out, can temporarily, finish someone’s pain and suffering for a short time, so then, He asks, can the power of silence not finish pain and suffering? According to the time, people are getting tired of medicine for one reason or another, and when their illnesses become critical, then, at such a time, they will come to you deity souls to receive blessings: “take us away from sorrow and peacelessness forever.” The vision and attitude of purity is not an ordinary power, this powerful drishti and attitude enable souls to attain for all time, teaches Baba. Souls will come with the desire that this one’s drishti should fall on them, so then, will you have such a vision and attitude such that no one returns empty handed?, asks Baba.

To simply remain celibate alone is not complete purity, but purity is the mother, explains Baba. So your aim should be to be someone who is constantly a mother of peace and happiness; that is the depth of purity. It is not an ordinary thing, you have to be a mother of peace and happiness in your thoughts, attitude, vibration, words and connection, that is called being a pure soul. That is how you become a world benefactor and a future world emperor. So check, He says, in the mirror of your heart, to what extent you have become this.

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