Faith in the intellect

Baba says, “Those who are obedient, faithful and whose intellects have faith cannot have love in their hearts for this old world because it is in their intellects that this world is about to be destroyed.”

For half a cycle, I was a prisoner in the cottage of sorrow of Ravan or the five vices. The Father came at this most auspicious confluence age and gave me the light of awareness. He reminded me of who I am- a pure soul, a deity soul, He reminded me of how I lost that purity as a result of forgetting who I am and falling prey to the vices. I hadn’t even been aware that Ravan was controlling me; the Father showed me and then He gave me the way to liberate myself from Ravan’s cottage of sorrow: “Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone“, He instructed me. It is only through remembrance that you will receive the power to be liberated from the vices and thereby, from the cottage of sorrow. This is not who you are and this is not how you ought to be living, He reminds me every day. You are My child, the child of God, the Creator of Heaven; you should therefore be the master of heaven, not hell! Now, remember who you are and Whose you are and return to that constant awareness, my Father tells me. He doesn’t just tell me; He, as the Purifier, facilitates my return to my sovereignty. He gives me shrimat, the elevated directions, to guide my every step. If I don’t follow shrimat, I cannot be liberated. But I can only follow shrimat when I have power and that comes only from staying in remembrance, from having a deep relationship with God, from experiencing His unconditional love for me.

And relationships are not built overnight, they take time, they require the two to work at it together. The Father is working tirelessly night and day, He is constantly present, He is longing to be part of my life, He wants nothing more than to return me to my sovereignty. The question is am I present?

In the past, I hadn’t even been aware of Ravan or that I was his prisoner. Now, I am, and yet, from time to time, I slip back into his world. I find it hard to resist the many attractions of his world- the name, the fame, the glory, the title, the money, the facilities, the relationships. I know from the Father that they are all temporary, I have even experienced first hand how they are there today and gone tomorrow. I have experienced being on the top and then at the bottom; I have tasted the agony, the anxiety, the uncertainty, the fleeting nature of it all and yet…I find it hard to resist the pull. Why? I hold on to a support as long as I believe that’s the best I’ve got.

Baba tells me daily that this is not the best; that it is, in fact, the worst. He is here to establish heaven! But let alone help Him in this task, I am not even sure heaven is for real! He reminds me that this is the confluence age and that the cycle is ending and the new one is about to begin. He cautions me that I have little time to prepare for the new world but I look around and think: ‘wars have taken place all through history’, ‘earthquakes have occurred, but the world is still here…besides, it won’t happen to me’, ‘who knows how long the confluence age is…is it 40 years or 50 years…who’s seen tomorrow, I need to enjoy today!’ When I don’t remember the Father, when I don’t spend time getting to know Him, I don’t build faith in Him and in what He is telling me. It is a distant relationship at best. And so I continue to hold on to those temporary supports despite what I’ve been told…because, who knows what’s true!

“Those who are obedient, faithful and whose intellects have faith cannot have love in their hearts for this old world because it is in their intellects that this world is about to be destroyed.”, says Baba.

Most of the world, that is, most of my brothers and sisters, are still in Ravan’s cottage of sorrow and unlike me, they aren’t even aware about it. But while the Father is counting on me to give them the message, to make them aware and help facilitate their liberation, I myself go back into the cottage of sorrow! I myself think it’s all I’ve got. I am the image of support of the world but I myself am standing on the support of looking at the instruments of destruction and wondering if, or when and where, the elements might come into upheaval. I am in charge of establishment but I am looking for signs of destruction before I can bother myself with establishing! Once destruction happens, which it will whether I have faith or not, where will I be if I haven’t already established a new home for myself? God is here to destroy the cottage of sorrow and establish the palaces of heaven but if I am not engaged in that task, where will I be?

When I have faith in the intellect, I will be busy night and day in the task of building the new home, that is, in the task of world transformation. When I have faith that I am the child and that my Father is God, I will be obedient and follow the instructions I am given. This is what Brahma Baba did. It was the Father’s signal and Baba’s action. There were no ‘ifs, buts or later’; he simply obeyed because he had faith in his intellect about Who was teaching him, and about the inheritance he was receiving. So he got busy in ensuring he claimed the full inheritance of the sovereignty of heaven. To claim my full inheritance is the return of love I give to God. He has come to purify me, let me co-operate, let me engage and become completely pure- 16 celestial degrees…not 14 or something else. Let me receive all that the Father is longing for me to have. Let me make my every thought, word and action such that I glorify His name, His task and thereby give His message to my brothers stuck in Ravan’s cottage. This is how I help God.

Become those who have all rights.”, says the Father. Make your stage powerful with which you can order the elements. While all of you Brahmins don’t collectively have feelings of mercy, feelings of world benefit, and good wishes in your heart to liberate all souls from their sorrow, world transformation will still be waiting, explains Baba. “At present you are fluctuating; you are not unshakeable and firm in just one thought. To become as unshakeable as Angad means to bring about the final moment. Adopt one thought in a collective way, that is, all of you should together give the finger of determined thought and this iron-aged mountain will be transformed and you will be able to bring about the golden world.”

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