Spread the fragrance of divinity

Baba says, “To spread the fragrance of divinity from the bouquet of your life is to be an embodiment of virtues.”

Some types of fragrance are so beautiful that they attract the mind. My attention is drawn to that fragrance even against my conscious wish and I wonder where that fragrance is coming from. In spiritual life, there is fragrance where there are the flowers of divine virtues. Previously, that is, before I met the Father, my life was like a jungle of thorns because it was a life based on vices. With no knowledge or guidance of right vs wrong, true vs false, I made all the wrong choices based on the dictates of my own mind or those of others. But because everyone is under the influence of vices, no one knows the right path. Only the one Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Virtues, comes and gives me the knowledge, the awareness of right vs wrong, His remembrance enables me to emerge the virtues that are innate to the soul and live my life based on them- purity, peace, love, happiness etc.

So now, my life has changed from being a jungle of thorns that pricked me and others to a garden of flowers in bloom that gives me and others happiness. “You always make a picture of a bouquet of divine virtues. That is a picture of you, is it not?”, asks the Father. A bouquet is never made of thorns; it is made of flowers. Also, if there were only leaves in this bouquet, then it wouldn’t be considered attractive either. “So you are a bouquet of the flowers of divine virtues, that is, you are in a state of happiness.”, explains Baba. Whoever comes into interaction with me must continue to receive the fragrance of these flowers of divine virtues, that is, they should experience the happiness, feel peace and contentment, they should experience pure soul conscious love. Then, when they see everything blooming in this way, they will be happy, they too will experience power. Maybe they were in a state of fear, now they feel peace. Maybe they were worried or anxious, now they experience courage and strength. Maybe they lacked a sense of love and belonging, now, they feel that they belong to God and His family. This is the greatest service I can do for the world.

Nowadays, even doctors advice their patients to go for walks in the park and so you have to be this park, this garden that others are able to take benefit from, teaches Baba. I must issue a challenge, He says, that if anyone wants to be happy, they should simply come to me! What will they find here? I will remind them of the Father, of His goodness, of His mercy, of what He can do in someone’s life if they would let Him in. “Now one knows Me as I am, accurately“, Baba says and so they remain deprived of His inheritance. They think God gives both happiness and sorrow, they think God judges and curses them. Baba comes and clarifies Who He is: “I am Your Father”, He reminds me. How could I give My own children sorrow? It is Maya who causes you sorrow, I only give you constant happiness for birth after birth. I give you your inheritance of peace and happiness, I make you into the masters of heaven; it is Maya who curses you. To be everhealthy, everwealthy and everhappy is your birthright!, by knowing the Father accurately as He is, I form a deep relationship with Him and claim my birthright.

If your mind is happy, the world is happy, whereas if your mind is ill, your face turns pale. If your mind is in a good state, you won’t even feel an illness of your body. This is the power of the nourishment of happiness. When I see how my life has transformed from being a jungle of thorns that gave me sorrow to a garden of flowers that gives me happiness, and I see how my brothers and sisters are still living the life of thorns, I feel compassion because they are my family. No matter what their behavior is like, I know that it is the vices acting through them like they did through me. Unless one conquers the vices, they cannot conquer the world; that is, they cannot be happy. I know this now through experience.

And so it is my duty to be merciful and compassionate towards my brother souls, to be an instrument for their liberation, just like the Father. Brahmin souls can never dislike other souls even if they seem like an incarnation of Ravan, says Baba, because they are still children of the merciful Father. I must therefore have feelings of benevolence and good wishes for their transformation. Give them peace, give them tolerance, give them compassion…give them the fragrance of your garden of flowers, explains Baba. This is divinity, this is being an embodiment of the awareness of who and Whose I am.

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