Courageous ones who serve will never starve

Baba says, ‘courageous ones who do service will never starve to death‘. They are seated on the heart-throne and on the throne of world sovereignty.

When a child maintains courage, God helps. This is the method, this is the law that is fixed in the Drama. Maintain as much courage as you can, says Baba, and take help accordingly. He doesn’t hold back in giving help, in fact, He wants to help. Whether it is a new 1 year old child or a 50 year old child, whether I am someone living at the center or with family, everyone has the same right.

Courage requires paying attention to the self. But often we become careless and think: I am Baba’s. If He doesn’t help me, whom else will He help. This is arrogance which then breeds carelessness because I sit back and stop paying attention. Father Brahma paid attention to himself, to service, to having an unlimited disinterest until he reached his final stage. He always believed himself to be a student till the very end. In fact, his future was fixed and announced but he was never careless. He constantly continued to tell the children about his intense efforts till the end. He became absorbed in the Ocean of Help to such an extent that even now, like the Father, he is helping all the children as an angel. This, is taking one step of courage and becoming worthy of receiving multimillionfold help. This is also an example of son shows Father.

Never let go of courage, it is your property, it is your very breath, He says. To let go of courage is to let go of the Father. No matter what happens or what situation arises, never let go of courage. Those who maintain courage easily receive blessings. Even their difficulties become easy, the impossible becomes possible.

Right from the beginning, Brahma Baba’s story has been one of courage. The first step of courage he took was to surrender everything. He didn’t think about what would happen or how it would happen. In a second, when the Father gave a signal, he took the action or step. He even surrendered his body. He constantly made his mind successful with the method of manmanabhav. This is how his every thought became successful. He surrendered his wealth and relationships, that is, he made them spiritual. He didn’t leave anything, but he transformed everything. He surrendered the intellect that had the consciousness of ‘I’. This is how he became constantly pure, cool and a bestower of happiness with his body, mind and intellect. No matter what situations came up with his family or even from souls he didn’t know, neither in his thoughts nor in his dreams did he have any upheaval of doubt, even subtly – not the slightest thought.

Brahma Baba did not have any physical example in front of him. Unshakeable faith and the Father’s Shrimat were his support. With one strength and one support, he had faith in the intellect and he became the number one victorious soul. His mind was carefree, his intellect was light. There was no burden on his intellect. At one point, he was in charge of 350 children and there wasn’t even flour to feed them. They had to be fed on time at 1pm and up until 11am, there was still no flour and no money to buy any. If he had at that point used his intellect to think: ‘I don’t know what is going to happen, will everyone starve? will this happen or that happen? am I doing this right or wrong?’ etc., it would actually have been understandable, justifiable. But he did not think this way. He remained carefree and instead thought: ‘This is the Father’s responsibility, not mine. I belong to the Father and the children also belong to the Father. I am just an instrument‘. Although he could have easily had waste thoughts of doubt, he chose powerful thoughts instead. This, is the specialty of courage, of surrender for even to have faith, I first need courage. Of course, the flour arrived on time and the children were fed. No one starved.

I take that first step of courage, I receive help from the Father. That builds faith and I then have more courage…it’s a virtuous cycle. So just as Father Brahma surrendered and took the first step of courage, follow father, says Baba. There were no questions, no waste. Instead of taking the crooked path of a question mark, Father Brahma always chose the full-stop of benefit. Full-stop! This was the wonder of Father Brahma. His courage, faith and surrender enabled him to become the Father’s true server and the first angel. It won him a permanent seat on the Father’s heart throne and the world sovereignty.

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